10 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Folding Arm Awning

Whether it’s the burning sun of summer, or the bone-chilling cold of winter, enjoying the outdoor areas of your home can be very rewarding regardless of the season.

Outdoor awnings can give you the freedom to enjoy your backyard in safety and comfort, without having to worry about the sun and its damaging UV rays. When installed with the right options, you can use awnings to effectively increase the living area of your home during all types of weather.

Awnings come in many different varieties, shapes, types, and features. However, folding arm awnings provide some of the most convenient options for improving your outdoor living arrangements.

Folding Arm Awning Advantages

Protection against the elements is just one advantage of a folding arm awning, but there are more great reasons for you to consider an installation at your Perth, WA home.

Good quality awnings from Soltex look great wherever they are installed, so if you want to improve the aesthetics of your backyard, a folding arm awning is a great start. When compared to most other renovations, awnings are also one of your most affordable options.

Homes that have extra living space that is comfortable and convenient will always feature higher on a buyer’s shortlist than those without these features. In short, folding arm awnings are an excellent way to capitalize on your home’s value without spending a fortune.

There is a large selection of options so that you can enjoy the perfect awning solution for your situation. What works for one person may not work for you, so here are the top considerations when searching for the best awning solution for your home in sunny Perth, WA.

1. Where You Will Use the Awning

Awnings are versatile and can provide advantages all around your home. Maybe you have a window that gets too much sun in the afternoon, or you want to increase your level of privacy. You might like to enjoy your patio at any time during the day or take advantage of an outdoor barbecue regardless of what the weather is doing.  Awnings can deliver all these benefits and more.

Folding arm awnings are available in a range of sizes and are suitable options for covering a respectably large area.  Even better is the fact that they can be retracted for those times when you want a little extra sun or need to brighten a room.

2. The Local Climate

Perth, WA is famous for its bright, sunny days, and it’s a big part of the area’s appeal, but sometimes, a little shade can go a long way.

If you love the outdoors but avoid it during the hotter parts of the day, a folding arm awning can mean the difference between being cooped up indoors or enjoying a summertime breeze in the cool shade of an awning.

3. Your Location and the House Orientation

Each home around Perth, WA experiences unique weather patterns slightly different from the overall area. Some will have higher winds, and some homes will have shade provided by natural or human-made elements. The type of awning you will need will depend on your circumstances and the area in which you live. Soltex professionals consider everything and deliver expert advice so you can make the best choice.

4. Awning Material

folding arm awning means you can fold it away and out of the sun when it’s not in use, but not all materials are waterproof. If you plan on having an awning that protects you from all types of weather, you will need waterproof material. Soltex has a wide range of patterns, so you will be able to match your awning material with your personal style and decor.

5. Ease of Setup

Folding arm awnings provide a convenience regardless of the options you settle on. However, you may find it inconvenient if you have to go out in the pouring rain to fold your awning out of the way of strong winds or protect it from hail damage.

Motorized folding arm awnings add an extra level of convenience as they fold out of the way at the push of a button. Soltex, at Perth, WA, offers all types of options, including automatic systems, so you can never accidentally leave your awning to the mercy of the elements.

6. Your Awning Provider

Consider who you choose to supply and install your folding arm awning. You will want to know that they have the experience to deliver not only an exceptional product but also a professional service.

Folding arm awnings might seem straightforward, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure customers receive a product that lasts. This is especially true when you are considering feature-rich options like remote control and automation.

7. Warranty

Quality folding arm awnings will give you many years of reliable service. However, they are an investment, and you will want a reliable warranty in place for those rare occasions when things go wrong.

8. Service

Depending on your options, folding arm awnings may have just a few moving parts, or be comprised of sophisticated machinery. Just like your car or lawnmower, occasional maintenance and servicing are essential for years of trouble-free operation. Soltex has a range of service options available that are both affordable and convenient.

9. Country of Manufacture

Only the highest quality awnings will be able to endure the punishing weather typical of Perth, WA. Soltex have partnered with the finest Local and European brands to provide the most comprehensive range of architectural folding arm awnings suited specifically to Australian conditions.

10. Energy Savings

If you’re considering an awning, it’s also worthwhile factoring in the potential energy savings they can deliver. The shade provided by your awning can help keep the house cooler by blocking the sun from shining into windows or heating exterior walls. Plus, if you’re spending time outside enjoying a cool breeze, you won’t need to run your air conditioner as much.