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28 September 2020
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7 Reasons to Install External Blinds

As residents of Perth, WA, we love to spend time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Unfortunately, the summer sun’s hot rays can sometimes be a little too much to bear, and many of us will head indoors to escape the heat.

Depending on the many options you can choose from Soltex, you can shutter or roll your external blinds, or have them fixed in place for year-round protection.

Whichever option you choose, Soltex only uses reliable materials that have proven themselves more than capable of handling the sometimes-challenging weather conditions of Perth, WA.

External blinds from Soltex can block the sun’s harsh rays so you can spend more time outside, but that’s not the only benefit they can provide. Here are seven more reasons to install external blinds around your home.

 1. Protection from the Weather

If you’re tired of being forced indoors because of the wind, rain, or hot sun, you will be pleased to know that external blinds have got you covered.

You don’t have to let a brief summer storm ruin your barbecue or cram all your friends inside because there’s not enough shade for everybody. External blinds allow you to use your patio or deck for more hours in the day, keep the rain off you and your friends, and ensure you remain comfortable during all types of weather.

An afternoon outside will also be mosquito bite and fly free when you use external blinds, so you can enjoy your time without being rudely interrupted by flying pests.

 2. Outdoor Blinds from Soltex Look Great

When you choose quality external blinds manufactured with the latest design styles and colours, you add an extra layer of class to your home. The blinds will improve the curb side appeal of your property. When it’s time to sell, you will attract more offers and command a higher price because potential buyers will see the value in a more versatile outdoor area.

 3. Keep Your Outdoor Life Private

If your backyard or deck is in full view of the neighbours, or passers-by on the street, it can be challenging to enjoy private moments in your outdoor space. External blinds help you keep your life private, while also increasing your level of comfort.

 4. Increase Your Living Space

The average size for new Australian homes has been shrinking over the last few decades, so getting the most use out of the space you have available has taken on greater importance.

Decks and alcoves are a popular choice for extending the living area for families who enjoy entertaining guests or spending time outdoors but don’t have a huge budget for a major renovation.

External blinds add an extra level of convenience with protection from the sun, wind, and rain to make an outdoor area an extension of the interior and create more space and privacy for families.

5. External Blinds Help You Save Energy on Heating and Cooling

When you consider all the ways you can save energy around the home and reduce your power bill, external blinds might not be immediately apparent as an option. Most of us will add insulation in the ceiling and turn up the air conditioner, but did you know that strategic use of your blinds throughout the day can also help reduce your energy bill?

The hot summer sun shining through your windows is transferring heat to your floor, walls, and furniture. Closing the blinds during these times will keep your interior significantly cooler and a lot more comfortable.

Curtains can do a lot to regulate temperature. However, unlike curtains or interior blinds, the extra layer of air between external blinds and exterior of a house will prevent a lot of heat from transferring through the glass of the window.

You can keep the interior of your home cooler in summer with external blinds, but in winter, you can also use them to reduce your heating bill. Opening the blinds and allowing the sun to filter through during the day will warm the interior and reduce the amount of power required to keep you warm at night.

You can take further advantage of the sun’s warming by adding thermal mass to your interior design, such as tile floors which retain the heat during the day and radiate it out at night.

For the best performance in temperature control, install external blinds with a surface that reflects light and heat. You can find out more by talking to a Soltex, Perth, WA shade solutions expert about your options.

6. External Blinds are an Affordable Option

When you are looking for ideas on maximizing your living space or adding more around your home, external blinds are one of your most affordable options. It’s even better when you already have a deck, patio, or alcove attached to the home.

A renovation to add extra living space to your home will add tens of thousands of dollars to your mortgage. A quality external blind will cost significantly less, look attractive, add versatility to your outdoor lifestyle, and will last for decades.

7. Protect your Outdoor Furnishings

High-quality outdoor furniture and materials for cushions can be incredibly durable when you consider the weather they are subjected to every day. Still, they can only take so much abuse and leaving them out in the elements will take their toll and reduce their lifespan.

Cushions will fade, and furniture will start to show its age from a constant bombardment and rain and damaging UV rays. Temperature fluctuations put stress on wooden furniture, which may eventually split from the strain.

It’s not just outdoor furniture which can benefit from external blinds, as your indoor settings and flooring will also benefit from external blinds. One of the best ways to keep your furniture and flooring looking new for longer is to block heat and light from reaching it.

Rain also puts outdoor furniture at risk of dampness, which can rot wood and corrode metal furniture. There is also the risk of mould, should the furniture remain damp for long enough.

Soltex external blinds are a durable and attractive option if you are looking for outdoor living options that will increase your level of comfort. If you’re considering enhancing your lifestyle, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Soltex for professional advice about your options for installing high-quality external blinds.



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