The simple answer is no, you do not need council approval for a folding arm awning. This is one of the most popular reasons for selecting a folding arm awning as your shade solution. The fundamental design of the folding arm awning is to have the cassette fixed to a structure and the folding arms extend from the cassette to stretch the fabric taught.

This cantilevered design means no additional structure like posts is required for your shade solution and thus no council approval is required as it is not considered a permanent structure.

Multi- Residential Approval may be required

Keeping in mind if you live in an apartment, town house or similar multi-residential dwelling approval may be required from the body corporate or strata management. Soltex specialises in working with multi- residential developments and can help provide sales documentation and 3D drawings for assistance with the approval process. All our folding arm awnings are custom made so we can colour match with any exterior for seamless

Visit our projects page for an example of folding arm awnings installed in a West Leederville residence or see pictures below were folding arm awnings have been integrated into the design of the building.

Structural Support

While no additional structure for the folding arm awning is required, we do need to ensure the structure we mount to can support the weight and potential extraction forces of the wind on your awning. For example, if we are mounting to a brick surface, we require at least 5 courses of brick above the awning.

If additional brick work is not available, we can fix the folding arm awning through the fascia by inserting rafter brackets into the roof space or mount to the roof itself.
At Soltex we recommend a folding arm awning should not extend or project more than 3.5m. This is to allow enough time for the folding arm awning to retract in a strong wind and avoid damage to arms or fabric. This is especially critical in Perth’s windy conditions.

Extensive range available

As the exclusive Perth supplier of German engineered Weinor folding arm awnings, Issey folding arm Awnings and Helioscreen folding arm awning we work closely with manufacturers to ensure all awning are installed to manufacturers requirements. This allows us to offer a 5-year installation and manufacturer’s warranty.
With such an extensive range of awnings available we can certainly find the right product for your unique situation so give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

Creating an outdoor room with Retractable Shade from Helioscreen in Perth, and all across Australia, are spending more time at home and looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces and entertaining areas for Helioscreen Perth. Why not add livable square footage to your home whilst also bringing the outdoors in. Imagine hitting a button and the roof and external blinds all retract at the same time your entertainment space goes from closed in and dark to open and light within seconds. Having the ability to retract the roof and outdoor blinds is important especially when adding an outdoor space to an older home as they typically light poorly.

Roof Options

At Soltex we offer 2 types of all-weather roof options for our Perth, WA customers. All our systems allow you to let the sun in when you want it or close the system to protect you from the heat, harmful UV rays, and rain. Imagine being able to control the climate in your outdoor space at the touch of a button. Each system has its advantages so give the team at Soltex in Perth, WA a call to determine which system would be best for your outdoor entertainment space.

Operable Louvre Roof System

The Soltex operable louvre roof system comes complete with a frame, integrated gutter, and aluminium blades that can adjust up to 180 degrees. A favourite with architects, when closed the louvre roof feels exactly like an aluminium patio roof but at the press of a button, you can open the blades (stop them at any point) and allow your desired amount of light and air to fill your backyard entertainment space. Very popular as an extension of an existing patio, to finish off a courtyard or over the outdoor kitchen.

Make it an outdoor room with Integrated Zip and Alfresco Blinds

Now that you have selected your retractable roof system, let’s enclose the space with alfresco blinds. Retractable external blinds can be up to 6m wide in a single span so no need for additional posts or supports blocking your view. The Ziplock track system not only encloses your space completely to keep those pesky flies and mosquitos out but also ensures it can withstand strong wind gusts.

Soltex offers several ranges of outdoor zip track blinds so they have a solution for any situation. One of our most popular Blackout Blinds Perth and Alfresco Blinds Perth, WA is the HMX Zip system from Helioscreen Perth. With its slimline square headbox and recessed base bar, it almost disappears when retracted providing a seamlessly integrated solution. Outdoor blinds can provide a more comfortable environment for your family & friends by reducing glare from the setting sun, buffer wind and provide privacy. They also help to protect your furniture and outdoor kitchen from the elements. Alfresco blinds can be matched to any external framework and come in a variety of different screen colours and textures depending on your needs and design requirements. Explore the Soltex range of external zip blinds

Add Lights & Heating

Enhance your outdoor space and ensure it is usable all year and all night by adding Lighting and Outdoor Heaters. With the innovation of LED lighting, Soltex in Perth, can incorporate LED strip lighting, or small LED Downlights into any of our retractable and opening roofing system options. LED lights can be dimmed via remote to create the perfect ambiance in your outdoor living room, including the all-important lighting above your outdoor kitchen or BBQ. Outdoor heaters can also be added. They are typically electric with Infrared technology for instant heat and can be fixed to the roof system or a nearby wall so as the sun goes down and the temperature drops you don’t have to stop the party. They also mean you’re not dealing with bulky and dangerous gas outdoor heaters, so your space remains clutter free.

Remote controlled and fully automated by Somfy

Hit one button and have your roof system and external blinds all open to let the outdoors in. Powered by Somfy, one remote can control your entire outdoor space. The system can be configured via the Somfy ConnexoonApp, accessible while at home or anywhere you are connected to the internet by using the Somfy Connexoon plugged into your modem or router. You can even control your system by the simple voice command “hey google open the alfresco” for the ultimate in hands-free entertaining.

Your Retractable Roof and Alfresco blinds can also be controlled via SomfyRain, Wind and Sun sensors so they can retract or close automatically, not only is this functional, but it also protects your investment in your outdoor room. For example, you may set your Somfy Sun sensor to automatically lower your blinds and close the roof when the temperature hits over 30 degrees, helping both your outdoor space and your home remain cool in summer and reducing your cooling costs. Alternatively, you may have your SomfyRain sensor set to close your roof and drop your blinds to keep out the rain and protect your furniture and furry friends. A wind sensor in Perth can be essential to protect your retractable awnings due to high wind gusts, especially if you’re along the coast or in an elevated position. Check out the full range of Somfy remotes and automated solutions at solutions.

Start designing your Outdoor room

If you are building or renovating in Perth, WA doesn’t just settle for a fixed roof for your outdoor space. Adding a retractable roof System or operable louvre gives you the flexibility to control your outdoor space all year round, whilst also being a unique and visually stunning addition. By enclosing the space with alfresco blinds, adding lights and heaters, you are providing all-year-round living space to your home and creating an invaluable connection to the great outdoors and favorable weather Perth has to offer. Speak to the team at Soltex in Perth for your project and start living your backyard dreams.

Did you know the first Umbrella’s (or parasols) were invented almost 4000 years ago made from palm leaves, papyrus and feathers and exclusively reserved for the upper class.
Fast forward to 2021 and the humble umbrella has been injected with first class technology to make it a proven hero in sheltering from sun and rain, especially in Perth’s tough environmental conditions.

With Australians spending more time than ever before at home its only natural to want to improve our outdoor spaces to ensure they are useable all year round. Weather that’s keeping the sun off the family outdoor table or providing shade to the pool for the grand kids the Soltex range of Shadowspec umbrellas have a solution to suit your home.

Outdoor Umbrella Functional Features

The serenity range is a single canopy cantilevered design available in a 2.5 or 3m square or 3.5m or 4m Octogan, this is a great option for the family outdoor table or shallow end of the pool. The mast on the umbrellas is just under 3m tall and can provide up to 1250mm table clearance, so no need to move furniture around when opening and closing your umbrella.

The Shadowlift and Shadowglide technology combine to make opening and closing your umbrella a breeze. Not only is it quick in under 5 seconds but it is also light weight with gas assisted deployment and it locks out when fully opened with a simple push down button. No more fighting over who will open or close the umbrella or hurt fingers locking it out.


Outdoor Umbrella Functional Features

The Serenity Outdoor Umbrella can be installed with a Freestanding Base on castor wheels for portable flexibility or the Soltex team can assist you in installing your Shadowspec umbrella into a deck, into the ground with an anchor or even fixing to a wall. When mounting to a deck or inground it ensures the umbrella has minimal impact on your outdoor space and gives a finished and intentional elegance.

Outdoor Umbrellas Built Tough

The Shadowspec range of outdoor umbrellas use only the best materials for both an elegant and timeless design and to stand up to Perth’s tough outdoor conditions. The frame is an anodized aluminum & 316 grade stainless steel hardware and spigot and comes with a 6 year warranty.

The Fabric used in the outdoor umbrellas is Premium 100% solution dyed Sunbrella acrylic canopy. UPF 50+ and comes with a 10 year warranty. The umbrellas come in a range of canopy colours included 4 regularly stocked colours and 6 additional trend colours ensuring there is an option to suit any design aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional outdoor shading solution look no further than the Shadowspec range of umbrellas provide by Soltex. Speak to us to discuss the best option for your space and provide installation and pricing information.

You have invested in your outdoor entertainment space now is the time to maximise its use. What better way to get the most out of your outdoor entertaining space, while also protecting your investment, with the use of the Somfy Automated accessories range. Pair your retractable awningexternal blinds or retractable roof system with a Sun, Wind or Rain sensor and rest assured your shading solution will always be in the optimum position without you having to worry about it. Use smart remotes or even better the Connexoon App to ensure your retractable shading solutions can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

How does a wind sensor protect my investment ?

Perth isn’t called the windy city for nothing, even on a hot summers day a strong breeze is often felt and can come up suddenly. A Somfy Eolis 3D wind sensor when paired with your folding arm awning will automatically retract the awning and protect the arm and fabric from damage. Have peace of mind that if your awning is left out unintentionally and a strong breeze comes in unexpectedly, the discrete sensor mounted into the front bar will detect the winds effect on the awning and retract it automatically. This could save you thousands on replacing arms and fabric, this is especially important if you leave your awning out the majority of the time. The Somfy Eolis 3D wind sensor can also be fitted to outdoor blinds for Perth’s windy conditions. A hard wired wind sensor can be added to conservatory awnings, retractable and louvred roof systems.

Can a sun sensor help me save on energy costs ?

Retractable shading solutions are a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs in your home folding arm awning or external blinds that extend or retract to keep the sun off your homes windows and doors can dramatically reduce the temperatures in your home. This is especially true with Perth’s hot summers and west facing coastal views. When you pair your outdoor awnings with a Somfy Sunis (Sun) Sensor you can set your outdoor blinds or patio awnings to drop down or extend out when the sun is detected. Not only great in the afternoons but to prevent the morning sun heating up bedrooms in your home and keeping the overall temperature of the home down in summer. External Blinds and awnings have been known to reduce heat transfer by up to 90 percent and protect furniture and flooring from harmful effects of UV light.

What is the benefit of a rain sensor ?

If you have installed a retractable roof system or louvred roof system for your outdoor entertaining space you would be enjoying the benefits of being able to open up your roof to the let the light in and breeze on demand, however this can also leave you open to getting wet from the rain. If you have important furniture or pets that are taking shelter under your operable roof system, then adding a rain sensor can take the worry out of racing home to close your Louvre Roof or Retractable Pergola. The Somfy Ondeis Rain sensor can be hardwired into your motor and when the first hint of rain is detected close your roof and protect your valuables.

Can I set my retractable awning to open and close at the same time everyday?

By using a Somfy Telis 6 Chronis remote control you can program your external blinds, folding arm awnings, retractable or louvred roof systems to open and close at pre-set times. In fact with a Telis 6 you can set up to 6 scenarios including having multiple products function at the same time. This can be a great solution for a busy office or hospitality environment, so staff don’t have to worry about remembering to retract the blinds or folding arm awnings at the end of the working day.

Can I control my retractable solutions from an App ?

Yes any product with a Somfy RTS Motor can be controlled via the Somfy Connexoon app all it requires is a small gateway device to be plugged into your modem or router and you can control all your products in a user friendly app. Not only can you control you Louvred roof, external blinds or folding arm awnings from the comfort of your couch you can also control them from anywhere you can access the internet around the world.   All your Somfy powered shade and all-weather retractable solutions can also be controlled via voice assistants like Google & Alexa.

Sit back and relax

Automate your outdoor awning with any of the smart Somfy accessories and sit back and relax. The sensors take the worry out of controlling your Shade or all-weather solution and save you money by not only protecting your retractable products but also your property and loved ones inside and outside your home. Check out some of the Somfy products here “link to Somfy Automation page”

We are often asked at Soltex if folding arm awnings can be used for rain protection. Firstly, let’s look at why folding arm awnings are so popular and how they work.

Simple & Flexible

Folding arm awnings are a popular solution for providing sun protection and extending your outdoor space, all at the touch of a button. Whether above a deck in the backyard or at a café, they don’t require additional posts or multiple fixing points, so they are discreet and can be mounted to most surfaces.

Arms Extension

Given they only have one fixing point, the fabric is coiled up in the cassette (similar to a blind) and, when activated, is pulled out from the cassette by folded arms, which lockout and keep the fabric taught. The fabric is typically an acrylic or polyester material. It is water-resistant, but if left out in a downpour, the weight of the water pooling can damage both the arms and the fabric.

It All In The Angle

The only way to use a folding arm awning for rain protection is to have the awning set at a minimum 15-degree angle to ensure the water will run off from the awning and avoid damage to the arms and fabric. Unfortunately, to achieve a 15-degree angle, you often lose a lot of head height, making the folding arm awning impractical in some situations.

A common installation method with folding arm awning is to mount to the gutter, which for most homes is at a 2400mm high when you reduce that by 970mm, this would make it too low to walk under at full extension.


The Best Installation

Soltex works with our clients to achieve the best installation option to meet your folding arm awning needs, often overcoming the difficulties of angle clearance. We manufacture custom brackets, angles, and mounts to fix to any surface and give you maximum clearance to help you achieve a 15-degree angle if required. See below some installation options we can provide.

Folding arm awnings can also be adjusted and the Angle set between 5and 40 degrees. Our friendly team of installers can show you how to adjust your awning yourself, or we can do it for you. Some of the German engineered Weinor awnings can even be adjusted with an Allen key on the outside of the cassette for simple operation.


Smart Fabric

Folding Arm awning fabric is not your standard fabric it uses advanced technology to ensure fabric lasts in extreme conditions. For example, Dickson Orchestra Max uses a UV-resistant acrylic resin, reinforcing its weather-resistant properties, making it the perfect choice for Café’s and restaurants looking for rain protection and homeowners wishing to not retract their outdoor awning at the first sign of Rain. This resin layer also protects the fabric from dirt, so it is easy to clean. You can learn more about the Dickson Orchestra fabric technology here.


Smart Controls

Suppose you would like to leave your folding arm awning out most of the time but are concerned with it being damaged by heavy downpours. In that case, we can pair your Somfy RTS motor with a Somfy Ondeis Rain Sensor so your outdoor awning will automatically be retracted when Rain is detected.

Alternatively, you can have your Somfy motorised awning connected via the Somfy Connexoon system, so you have app control of your awning anywhere you are connected to the internet. So, if unexpected showers or storms develop, you can simply open the app and retract your awning.

Coonexoon is compatible with all Somfy RTS motorised products and RTS-enabled lighting devices. The Connexoon RTS app is accessible and easy to use. Controlling all your Somfy motorised window coverings from your smartphone has never been so simple.

All-Weather Solutions

If you do require all-weather protection, including rain protection, and a 15-degree angle is not possible, Soltex has you covered with two options for waterproof retractable awnings, either the plaza Viva conservatory awning with the telescopic post for water runoff or the retractable roof system. Both these systems have two posts and require fixing a house or wall, and you can find out more information here.

Folding Arm Awning Range

Please see the full range of Folding Arm awnings available through Soltex on the website. Click here and give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Are you a restaurant, café, or bar owner in Perth with an amazing rooftop terrace or private courtyard currently going unused? Why not add a retractable roof system in your outdoor space and start booking private dining experiences and hosting functions all year round. Not only is a retractable roof system adding usable floor space to increase your bottom line, but it also offers a unique experience for your customers.

What is a retractable roof system?

A retractable roof system is a motorised waterproof shade sail or fabric which can be extended and retracted along rafters; with a unique high torque motor drive system, the fabric is always kept at the perfect tension. The roof system can be installed into existing pergola framework or provided with complete posts and gutter. Unlike a fixed roof, it can provide the best of both worlds protection from the elements when extended and then retracted back to let sun and light in giving the space an open and airy vibe.

How can it help me maximise my revenue?

For bars, cafes, and restaurants, outdoor space is often the most sought-after area for patrons to spend their time; too hot or too cold weather forces patrons to be jammed into enclosed areas. Increase your usable floor space and ensure you offer a comfortable environment while still providing an in-demand outdoor feel. Turn your entire venue square footage into usable floor space to maximise revenue. Unlike a fixed roof, you have a uniquely flexible space for all-day use. Open in the morning for your coffee rush, closed in the heat of the day for the business lunch crowd, and then opened back up for after-work drinks and Perth’s stunning sunsets.

An all-weather retractable roof system means you can have consistent bookings for private functions and weddings all year round, which bring in a guaranteed price per head.

Don’t forget when customers feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy they tend to stay longer at your venue eating and drinking.

Save on energy costs.

Your utility bills take up a large portion of your monthly operating expenses; the unique fabric on a retractable roof system can block out sunlight and heat-reducing your cooling costs. It also protects your furniture from the harsh UV rays so that you won’t be spending money continually replacing these items. In addition, enclosing the outdoor space with retractable external blinds provides added insulation, and outdoor heaters can further reduce heating costs.

See the range of external blinds offered by Soltex here.

Safe and simple to use

Unlike umbrella’s which would need to be closed during high winds and only shades half the table, a retractable roof system can stand wind gusts of up to 117 km per hour. Staff won’t need to manually close and move umbrellas around, creating a safety hazard, a retractable roof system can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. The addition of a Somfy Ondeis Rain sensors can provide peace of mind so the retractable roof can automatically close when rain is detected, or it can be programmed to open and close at specific times of the day; you can even manage the system via the Somfy Connexoon App.

Add lights and customise your fabric.

Your bar, café, or restaurant can serve patrons late into the evening with dimmable LED down lights built into the retractable roof system profiles and adjustable at the touch of a button. The fabric itself can be both full block out or light-diffusing, so even when the roof is closed, you still have natural light filtering through. The PVC fabric is durable but easy to clean and has a unique and wicking process that considerably reduces microorganism penetration into the heart of coated fabrics, which is great for a restaurant or bar environment.

Flexible installation options

Soltex has installed the retractable roof system into existing pergola framework, or it can be provided with complete posts and gutter colour matched to an existing façade. The fabric profiles can be matched to the fabric or act as a contrasting design element to highlight the unique roof system. A recent installation at the Sandalford Winery is an example of the retractable roof system being installed into the customer-built framework, where a high-end integrated finish was required; see the link to the project.

If you’re thinking about extending your restaurant, café or bar add a point of difference with a retractable roof system by Soltex it is a perfect solution for managing your outdoor venue space, allowing you full use 24 hours a day, all 365 days of the year.

Awnings and blinds are fantastic additions to your home that add more value than just being a way to escape the weather. High-quality awnings and blinds can improve kerbside appeal, increase the liveable area of your home, and create new levels of comfort, style, and convenience.

Whether you want to spend more time in your outdoor area to enjoy the frequently perfect Perth, WA weather, entertain friends, or you need more room to spread out, quality awnings and blinds will help you do all these things and more.

When choosing awnings and blinds, quality should feature at the top of your list. You may like the price of cheaper alternatives but saving a few dollars on your initial purchase will usually cost you more in the long run. Here’s why quality should always matter most when you are shopping for awnings and blinds.

1. Brand Reputation

Great brand reputations are an excellent indicator of what you can expect when dealing with an awnings and blinds supplier. Sure, a supplier’s reputation is built on offering fantastic service, but it also stands on the quality parts and materials that go into their end products.

Soltex, Perth, WA only deal with locally and internationally renowned suppliers which can deliver the highest quality components and materials that are guaranteed to provide decades of reliable service.

2. Better Customer Care and After Sales Service

For Soltex, the sale and installation are just the beginning of the customer’s journey with us, not the end. We strive to provide not only the highest-quality shade solutions around Perth but also the best customer care and after-sales service.

Our products are built tough and will function reliably for years, but they will require the occasional maintenance, servicing, and cleaning. For this reason, Soltex are available to help you with any problems you may have, answer your questions, or help you keep your awnings and blinds in tip-top condition.

With Soltex standing behind the products they sell, your blinds will always work well and look as good as the day you had them installed. It’s the sort of service that’s hard to come by these days.

3. Reliable Longevity

Your house will be around for a long time, so it’s reasonable to expect your shade solution to go the distance as well.

Cheaper awnings and blinds can’t withstand constant exposure to the elements, and they will start to lose their appeal after just a couple of Perth summers.

Cheaper material fades and tears under the constant bombardment of harsh UV rays and winds. Inferior materials will rust, break, and fail much sooner than you expected. Don’t expect a supplier of cheap shade solutions to be around when you need them.

4. Much Better Value Over Time

The savings you make on the purchase of a low-quality shade solution are soon lost on the cost of an early replacement. Make a sensible investment and go with the quality product you know will last.

It may cost a little more initially, but it will still be working and looking great 10 or 15 years from now while the cheaper, inferior products are taking up space in the local landfill.

5. Environmental Sustainability

Inferior products usually end up in landfill while high-quality solutions are still doing what they were designed to do decades after installation. When you purchase high-quality shade solutions created from recyclable materials, you are doing your part for the environment while also improving your home’s energy efficiency.

6. Quality Materials and Their Origins

Is your shade solutions supplier open about their industry relationships? A big part of creating a quality product is always using the best materials and components, even if that means going international.

In the way that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, awnings and blinds are only as good as the components that go into their creation. Even one low-quality piece can ruin the entire product, which is why Soltex have built strong relationships with only the best suppliers in the industry.

7. Solid Warranties for Peace of Mind

It’s always good to know that a company will stand behind its products by offering the best warranties. You can be sure your awnings and blinds will last when you have a five or 10-year warranty backing them up.

Soltex warranties extend from the products themselves to the installation. Trained professionals carry out every installation according to the industry guidelines and strict Australian standards. At Soltex, we are so confident in the quality of the products and the professionals who install them that each one comes with a 5-year work quality guarantee.

You can expect to get years of use out of your Soltex shade solution, but it’s good to know that you are covered should anything go wrong through no fault of your own.

8. Pride of Ownership

You’ve gone to a lot of trouble and expense to create a comfortable home that looks fantastic and is a joy to live in. Awnings and blinds are an extension of your home, so they should reflect the same values and pride. Soltex solutions are available in a wide range of configurations and features. With so much choice, you can tailor a solution that will complement the comfort and style you have spent so much time creating and one that you will be proud to show off to your friends, family, and neighbours.

All awnings and blinds solutions from Soltex are unique and designed to complement and enhance your property’s architectural look and feel. Excellent, high-quality shading is essential to making the most of Perth, WA, weather.

Don’t risk your budget or your comfort to cheap, inferior solutions that will blow away at the first summer storm, quickly fade in the sun, or stop working once the too-short warranty expires. Whether the summer sun is beating down or the rain is blowing sideways, you can be sure that Soltex awnings and blinds will keep you cool or warm and dry and keep on doing it for decades.

Perth WA weather regularly provides us with opportunities to spend time outdoors. However, if you have gone to the trouble to add an outside area to take advantage of Perth’s climate, it doesn’t take long for most people to realize that some shade is in order. The winter sun in Perth is always welcome on a cold winter’s day, but come summertime, those golden rays can be brutal enough to keep you indoors.

Fortunately, Soltex provides various solutions for Perth residents to control the climate in their outdoor areas, including mechanical systems, both automated and manual, that block or let in the sun as needed.

One popular solution is to install a retractable roof system that allows you to adjust the level of shade, keep out the rain, or enjoy the warm rays on a winter’s day. And if rainclouds roll over while you are in the middle of your afternoon barbecue, there’s no need to dash madly indoors to continue cooking because the Soltex retractable roof system has you covered.

A covered outdoor area that can adjust for any weather conditions is a worthwhile investment that can add value, appeal and good looks to a property. According to the National Association of Retailers, a wooden deck alone can return more than 106% of its value if you decide to sell. Imagine how much more appealing and valuable an outdoor area featuring a retractable roof will be to potential buyers.

One of the most often asked questions we get from our customers here at Soltex is, “Do I need council approval for a Retractable Roof System?”

Why is Perth, WA Council Approval Important?

Approval from the Perth, WA council is critical when undertaking any renovation project around your home. If the council gets wind of any unapproved building project going on, you can bet an official-looking representative will come knocking on your door to inform you of the consequences.

If you are lucky, they will get to you before anything significant has been constructed, and you will be able to apply for approval. However, if you do happen to get the project finished, you can expect that the council will ask you to tear it down at your cost.

Should you manage to install a non-approved alfresco or deck onto your home with a retractable roof system without issue, don’t think you have gotten away with anything. When it’s time to sell your home, you can bet that all parties will be interested to know if your renovation is an approved addition.

Nobody wants to purchase a home with the risk that they may be asked to remove one of its structures. You will either miss out on a sale, be forced to sell at a reduced cost, or have to tear the deck or patio down at your expense.

How to Determine if You Need Approval

Broadly speaking, there are four zoning categories: commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial, and all have specific rules, regulations, and policies related to buildings and extensions.

You don’t need planning approval for an alfresco with a retractable roof system if your design codes are compliant in the following zones:

  • Special Residential
  • Rural Community
  • Commercial
  • Business
  • Mixed-Use
  • Residential

Planning approval is always required for an outdoor area with a retractable roof system in any of the following zones:

  • Rural resource
  • General Rural
  • Special Rural

You must do things in order. If you haven’t yet installed your outdoor area, you should seek approval before applying for a building permit.

You will require a building permit for a patio that is greater than 10m2. If the deck is less than 10m2 and under 2.4m in height, you won’t need council approval unless a patio is already present on the property or it is going to be attached to an existing structure.

A few questions you should think about when considering a retractable roof system on your outdoor area includes:

  • Does your outdoor area design include a roof? If it does, how big is it?
  • Does the building already have a patio that the new design will replace?
  • Is the outdoor area a freestanding design, or is it attached to a home or other structure?

Answering the above questions will provide excellent guidance on whether you need council approval for a retractable roof system.

Other Considerations Requiring Council Approval

Certain conditions that can trigger a requirement for council approval if you plan on having a roof include:

  • If your outdoor area takes up more than 25 square metres or covers more than 15% of the ground floor area.
  • The floor of the pergola is going to be 60cm or more above ground level.
  • The outdoor structure will be less than 90 cm from an adjoining property.
  • You live in a bushfire prone area.
  • Your outdoor design will be attached to your home.

Check the WA Planning Map

If you are unsure about the zoning that applies to your area, this WA zoning map is a handy resource you can use to find out for sure.

In the map, you will find all the information you need regarding spatial planning, land, and heritage information for any piece of land in Western Australia. It has been designed to be easy to use for local government, industry, and the community to quickly make informed decisions.

The map works in most browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and even Internet Explorer if you have version 9 or above.

You can use the map to:

  • Research heritage, land, and planning information for any area around WA.
  • Make enquiries about information and policies for planning, heritage, and land.
  • Share details via social media and email.

Structure plans only go back as far as October 2015. If you cannot find one, that may be why, and you will need to contact your local government for help.

A helpful video is included on the page. Go through that, and you should have everything you need to use the map accurately.

The above should clarify any confusion about whether you need council approval for a retractable roof system in Perth, WA. If you are replacing the roof of your current structure with a retractable roof system from Soltex, WA, then it’s highly likely you are good to go. However, it pays to be on the safe side, and our professional staff are always ready to help with expert advice.

Perth Councils Information

City of Perth
Development Approval Service
P: 9461 3366

City of Subiaco
General Enquiries
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Whether you plan to sell or just want to improve your home’s liveability, an affordable and straightforward strategy is to add a shading solution from Soltex, Perth, WA. Here are a few of the ways external blinds and awnings can add value to your home.

Improve Your Insulation

The windows around your home are responsible for a lot of the heat exchange and UV Radiation. Whether your goal is to stay cool on a typical summer day in Perth, or you want to keep the chill out during winter, windows exposed to the elements can reduce your home’s energy efficiency by up to 25%.

The best way to handle heat and glare is to deal with them before they get to your external walls and windows. Doing this will prevent the transfer of heat and create a more stable internal temperature.

Outdoor awnings and blinds add an extra layer of insulation between your external walls and the elements. The sun’s warm rays, cold winds, and rain are prevented from directly affecting the temperature inside your home.

External blinds can reduce the amount of heat entering your home by around 60 per cent.  Any appliances you use to keep cool or warm will work more efficiently because of the extra layer of protection.

Homes in exposed positions are often subjected to high winds, and lower-quality awnings and blinds can easily get damaged during these conditions. Soltex blinds are sturdy and durable and can protect your home through some of the windiest weather.

Increase Your Living Space

Growing families can be demanding on living space. When the bank is not forthcoming on a full renovation or extension, an awning or blind can give you the extra living space your family needs at a significantly reduced cost.

If you have a patio, veranda, or deck, then outdoor blinds and awnings can turn that space into a more versatile area of your home. Whether you need a comfortable space for entertaining guests or need somewhere for the teenagers to hang out, external blinds and awnings provide an affordable way to enhance your home’s value. Enclose your patio or balcony from the elements, and you have an outdoor space that is usable year-round.

You and your guests will appreciate the convenience of using your outdoor areas during any type of weather. Whether the sun is shining, the rain is pouring down, or the wind is blowing, you and your guests can stay comfortable and dry.

Improve the Street Appeal of Your Home

Making the right choice in external awnings and blinds means you will also increase your home’s street appeal. Awnings and blinds bring new life and add depth to the facade of your home.

A home with street appeal has the advantage when it comes time to sell your property because people are swayed by houses that look just as attractive and functional from the outside as they do from the inside.

Soltex offers a complete range of outdoor blind designs and configurations, so you can enjoy a style and colour combination that will perfectly complement your home.

Insect Control

Perth is a place where people like to get outside and enjoy the weather, but not when that time is spent swatting flies and slapping at mosquitos. When you install outdoor awnings and blinds to your home’s external areas, you can enjoy the weather without all the pesky insects. Soltex blinds can be accurately measured to create a barrier that flies and mosquitos cannot cross. You can also leave the smelly insect repellent in the cupboard.

Enhanced Privacy

Outdoor areas around Perth are often in full view of the neighbours or passers-by on the street. If you would like more privacy when using your backyard, patio, or deck, then external blinds and awnings come in a range of styles that can help you enjoy your outdoor areas, free from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours.

Protect Your Outdoor and Indoor Furniture

Just like people getting too much sun, constant exposure to UV rays can age furniture beyond its years. UV rays penetrating your windows and beating down on your outdoor furniture can damage and age the wood. Cushions will also fade and degrade when exposed to hours of UV rays every day, but you can slow down the aging process by blocking the sun from your furniture.

Use external blinds to keep your outdoor areas in the shade whenever you are not using them. Large windows can also let in a significant amount of UV light, which can fade carpet and other floor coverings and shorten the life of your expensive lounge chairs.

Retractable awnings and blinds can give you complete control over how much light and shade your indoor, and outdoor areas are exposed to every day. For the ultimate in convenience, consider an automated system from Soltex that automatically opens and retracts according to your settings and what the weather is doing.

Save Space

Australian home designs have been steadily whittling away at the inside living space. For most new homeowners, large, open, indoor areas are beyond the average Australian income when buying a new home. Shrinking properties have created an emerging trend for homeowners to make the most of their outdoor space by converting it into a living area using external awnings and blinds.

Creating extra space also has other advantages. With the protection afforded by an outdoor awning, Perth residents can take advantage of cool breezes by leaving their windows and doors open without having to worry about insects like flies and mosquitos, harsh sunlight, or summer storms ruining their day. Awnings and outdoors seamlessly merge the outdoors with the indoors so homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Soltex are Perth’s premier supplier of outdoor blinds and awnings. All Soltex products are manufactured to the highest standards. A range of styles, colours, and configurations are available to suit any decor. For professional service and advice get in touch with one of our awnings and blinds experts today.

Internal and external window blinds both perform similar tasks, and it can be tough to choose whether internal window blinds or external window blinds would make the better choice. The best decision you can make will be an informed one, but it will also depend on your property and your needs.

Internal Window Blinds Features

As the name describes, internal window blinds are installed inside the house and provide several advantages.

You get complete control over the amount of light that enters your property. When the blinds are down, you also increase your property’s amount of privacy from the street or the neighbours.

nternal blind options from Soltex in Perth, WA have straightforward control mechanisms that allow you to control an entire series of blinds from the one location for added convenience. This option is fantastic for properties with large glass areas to cover and need to block the afternoon or morning sun or improve privacy levels.

In the past, internal window blinds covering large areas would leave large gaps for light to enter, but Soltex has virtually eliminated that drawback with their intelligent designs.

Internal Window Blind Options from Soltex

Internal window blinds are available in a range of options depending on your needs.

Blockout roller blinds are an excellent choice for bedrooms and media rooms. They can deliver maximum protection from the sun and prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room and degrading the furniture. You can enjoy your media without annoying reflections on the screen, and shift workers will appreciate the chance to get a decent amount of sleep, even during the brightest parts of the day.

There are rooms where light is beneficial, but you still want some control over its intensity. Light filtering internal roller blinds are excellent options for giving you control over the glare entering the room and filtering most UV rays. You can enjoy privacy during the daytime without having to resort to electrical lighting.

Dual roller blinds are the ultimate in light control and filtering. Double rollers allow you to opt for complete privacy, block out 100% of the light, or illuminate a room with soft light while still filtering out the harmful UV rays. The dual roller option is a fantastic choice for rooms that you use for a variety of purposes.

Advantages of Internal Window Blinds

Internal window blinds offer many advantages for controlling light and heat entering the home.

During the cooler months, they can also provide an extra layer of insulation to trap the warmth
inside, rather than let it escape through the window glass.

Another advantage is that you have control over the blinds without having to go outside to make adjustments. This feature can be a blessing when the hot summer sun is beating down, or you need to open up your blinds to let in the light and warmth on a freezing winter morning.

Regardless of your living arrangements, whether you live in a freestanding home or reside in a
townhouse or unit, there’s an internal window blind solution that will suit your circumstances.

Disadvantages of Internal Window Blinds

One of the most significant downsides of internal window blinds is that they need regular cleaning.

However, they are not as challenging to clean as curtains and give you finer adjustments for
maximum control over heat and light.

Window blinds are also not as durable as external window blinds and are more easily damaged, especially when there are young children in the house.

External Window Blinds

The trend in modern buildings is to open up the internal areas to the outside with extensive areas of glass. While this development has apparent advantages, especially if you live in an area with lovely views, it can be challenging to control the level of sunlight and heat entering the room.

Blockout roller blinds are an excellent choice for bedrooms and media rooms. They can deliver maximum protection from the sun and prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room and degrading the furniture. You can enjoy your media without annoying reflections on the screen, and shift workers will appreciate the chance to get a decent amount of sleep, even during the brightest parts of the day.

There are rooms where light is beneficial, but you still want some control over its intensity. Light filtering internal roller blinds are excellent options for giving you control over the glare entering the room and filtering most UV rays. You can enjoy privacy during the daytime without having to resort to electrical lighting.

Dual roller blinds are the ultimate in light control and filtering. Double rollers allow you to opt for complete privacy, block out 100% of the light, or illuminate a room with soft light while still filtering out the harmful UV rays. The dual roller option is a fantastic choice for rooms that you use for a variety of purposes.

Advantages of Internal Window Blinds

Internal window blinds offer many advantages for controlling light and heat entering the home.

During the cooler months, they can also provide an extra layer of insulation to trap the warmth
inside, rather than let it escape through the window glass.

Another advantage is that you have control over the blinds without having to go outside to make adjustments. This feature can be a blessing when the hot summer sun is beating down, or you need to open up your blinds to let in the light and warmth on a freezing winter morning.

Regardless of your living arrangements, whether you live in a freestanding home or reside in a
townhouse or unit, there’s an internal window blind solution that will suit your circumstances.

Disadvantages of Internal Window Blinds

One of the most significant downsides of internal window blinds is that they need regular cleaning.

However, they are not as challenging to clean as curtains and give you finer adjustments for
maximum control over heat and light.

Window blinds are also not as durable as external window blinds and are more easily damaged, especially when there are young children in the house.

External Window Blinds

The trend in modern buildings is to open up the internal areas to the outside with extensive areas of glass. While this development has apparent advantages, especially if you live in an area with lovely views, it can be challenging to control the level of sunlight and heat entering the room.

External window blinds can protect you and your guests from the weather, wind, and insects when entertaining outdoors. In contrast, internal blinds will add more control to the amount of light and heat that enters a room and improve the insulation to retain more warmth on cold days. If you are undecided about which version will be the better option, then be sure to talk to the friendly shading solutions experts at Soltex in Perth, WA.