31 December 2020

What is Better – Internal or External Window Blinds?

Internal and external window blinds both perform similar tasks, and it can be tough to choose whether internal window blinds or external window blinds would make the better choice. The best decision you can make will be an informed one, but it will also depend on your property and your needs. Internal Window Blinds Features As the name describes, internal window blinds are installed inside the house and provide several advantages. You get complete control over the amount of light that enters your property. When the blinds are down, you also increase your property’s amount of privacy from the street or the neighbours.
30 November 2020

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with External Shade Solutions

The world is in an energy crisis, and we all need to do our part to solve it. Science has come a long way when it comes to delivering alternative energy sources and finding new ways to power our lifestyle is critical. However, learning how to get more out of our existing resources is just as important. One way Perth, WA residents can make a massive difference in how much energy they use is to invest in external shades for their home and businesses. A typical day in Perth is sunny and warm, especially during the spring and summer months. Naturally, during these times, air conditioning exacts a heavy toll on the energy bill. You can improve your property’s energy efficiency by installing a quality shading solution like external blinds from Soltex.
24 October 2020

7 Reasons to Install External Blinds

As residents of Perth, WA, we love to spend time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Unfortunately, the summer sun’s hot rays can sometimes be a little too much to bear, and many of us will head indoors to escape the heat. Depending on the many options you can choose from Soltex, you can shutter or roll your external blinds, or have them fixed in place for year-round protection. Whichever option you choose, Soltex only uses reliable materials that have proven themselves more than capable of handling the sometimes-challenging weather conditions of Perth, WA.
28 September 2020

Retractable Shade Sail Vs. Fixed Shade Sail – Which is Better?

Shade sails, both retractable and fixed, are a common sight on residential and commercial properties around Perth, WA. If you’ve been considering shade solutions for your property, you have probably found yourself wondering about the advantages of a retractable shade sail vs. a fixed shade sail. Benefits of Shade Sails Retractable shade sails and fixed sails offer many benefits, from adding value and appeal to a property to providing extra protection from the sun.
24 August 2020

How to Clean and Maintain Your Folding Arm Awning

Folding arm awnings are a fantastic option for adding value, function, and beauty to your home, and you have finally had yours installed. You are now enjoying all the benefits of your awning and admiring how great it looks on your home in Perth, WA. One thought that may have crossed your mind is how you can keep your awning looking and working like new for longer. Like any outdoor furniture, outdoor awnings are at the mercy of the weather and the elements. Wind, rain, hail, and the hot Perth, WA summer sun will all take their toll on your awning. Folding arm awnings have a few moving parts, so there is also wear and tear to consider.
27 July 2020

Protection From Wind and Rain With Outdoor Blinds

Living in Perth, WA, means you are spoiled with fantastic weather for most of the year. Unfortunately, the weather can’t be perfect all the time, and you are occasionally forced to head indoors to get out of the wind and rain. If you enjoy outdoor living and want to make the most of your patio, outdoor blinds will create an alfresco area of your home you can enjoy all year round, without worrying about what the weather is doing. Wind, hail, rain, or shine, outdoor blinds from Soltex, Perth, WA, provide a wide range of options for protection from all types of weather.
21 June 2020

Why Install Shade Solutions in Winter for Summer

The summers in Perth, WA, are sunny and warm, so it’s no surprise that summer is the busiest season for companies that provide shade solutions. While the heat from the summer sun can have people running for shade, the winter sun can be a welcome source of warmth on cold winter’s day. Naturally, more homeowners will be thinking about installing shading around their homes during summer than winter. However, there are still plenty of reasons why you should consider enhancing your outdoor areas with shading during winter when preparing your home in time for the summer heat.
18 May 2020

10 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Folding Arm Awning

Whether it’s the burning sun of summer, or the bone-chilling cold of winter, enjoying the outdoor areas of your home can be very rewarding regardless of the season. Outdoor awnings can give you the freedom to enjoy your backyard in safety and comfort, without having to worry about the sun and its damaging UV rays. When installed with the right options, you can use awnings to effectively increase the living area of your home during all types of weather. Awnings come in many different varieties, shapes, types, and features. However, folding arm awnings provide some of the most convenient options for improving your outdoor living arrangements.
25 April 2020

Folding Arm Awnings – Manual or Motorised?

Awnings can provide many advantages to a home or business. They can be used to increase the living area, add comfort, as well as protect buildings and furniture against the weather and the elements. Many people thinking about installing folding arm awnings have concerns about how constant exposure to the wind, sun, and rain will detract from its appearance over time. Perth, WA is well known for its sunny weather, so it is an issue worth considering.
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