16 March 2020

Protect Your Furniture from UV with External Blinds.

The Australian sun can be brutal on household and outdoor furniture, but completely blocking those beautiful warming rays is out of the question. Unfortunately, every ray of sunshine has a dark side. The UV component of light is incredibly damaging to all forms of organic substances, including the wood, fabrics, and plastics used in most household furniture. It’s not only furniture at risk of UV delivered by the sun’s rays; carpets, paintwork, and even we all need protection from excessive levels of UV. We regularly cover up and use sunscreen when venturing outdoors, but how many of us consider the barrage of UV rays we expose our house and furniture to every day?
26 February 2020

What is a Retractable Roof Pergola?

Retractable roof pergolas are the next best thing in outdoor living. They are the perfect upgrade for homes, businesses, and restaurants to make living in sunny Perth, WA, a lot more comfortable and stylish. If you have found yourself sitting at your favourite restaurant's outdoor area and admiring their retractable roof pergola, then you should know you can reap the same benefits at home in your backyard.
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