and Patio Awnings

A motorised retractable awning designed to shield the sun from glass conservatories, patios, courtyards, and skylights.
Invite natural light into your home – not harmful UV rays.
Motorised retractable SOLTEX conservatory awning system over a deck in Perth.
Fabric pergola providing lighting for an outdoor seating area.
Minimise the impact of solar radiation inside your home.


The Soltex range of Conservatory Awnings is the perfect solution for glass conservatories, patios, pergolas, and courtyards. While a glass conservatory, skylight or open pergola is a fantastic way to invite natural light into your home or outdoor area, harmful UV rays and heat penetrate through causing irreversible damage to furniture, flooring, and valuable items. At the touch of a button, our Conservatory Awnings allow you to have the best of both worlds and are perfect for areas exposed to high winds.

Fabric pergola attached to a modern home.

Why you’ll love a Soltex
Conservatory Awning.

  • Flexible design – fits over almost any structure including sun houses, patios, pergolas, and glass roofs.
  • Reliable, high-performance fabric – protects from heat, glare, and harmful UV rays.
  • Intelligent features – smoothly opens and closes at the touch of a button.
  • World-class materials and components – manufactured in Australia and Europe.
  • Industry leading warranties – on materials and installation.
We’ll handle it all from start to finish.


All aspects of your project are handled by our in-house project management team including customised design, electrical works (if required), custom framework, council design and application, and installation by our in-house professionals.

SOLTEX van arriving at a house to install an outdoor sun shade
A group of men installing shading solutions for a client.
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    Soltex specialises in customised shade solutions, ensuring the product we recommend ticks all the boxes – including those you didn’t think about. With factors including orientation, building layout, and the size of your space affecting product selection, it’s essential to have us visit your property first.


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    Frequently asked questions.

    Great news! You do not require council approval for most Conservatory Awnings as we are generally adding to an existing structure, saving you time and additional cost.

    Yes, you can use your Conservatory Awning for rain protection if it is installed at a minimum 15-degree angle to allow for water runoff. Alternatively, drainage holes can be sewn into the fabric to allow for water runoff.

    Yes, absolutely we can use existing walls, even eaves to fix our tracks too on each side, provided the area is generally under 30 square metres.

    See what all the talk is about.