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Creating an outdoor room with Retractable Shade for all year-round and All-Weather Solutions

Creating an outdoor room with Retractable Shade from Helioscreen in Perth, and all across Australia, are spending more time at home and looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces and entertaining areas for Helioscreen Perth. Why not add livable square footage to your home whilst also bringing the outdoors in. Imagine hitting a button and the roof and external blinds all retract at the same time your entertainment space goes from closed in and dark to open and light within seconds. Having the ability to retract the roof and outdoor blinds is important especially when adding an outdoor space to an older home as they typically light poorly.

Roof Options

At Soltex we offer 2 types of all-weather roof options for our Perth, WA customers. All our systems allow you to let the sun in when you want it or close the system to protect you from the heat, harmful UV rays, and rain. Imagine being able to control the climate in your outdoor space at the touch of a button. Each system has its advantages so give the team at Soltex in Perth, WA a call to determine which system would be best for your outdoor entertainment space.

Operable Louvre Roof System

The Soltex operable louvre roof system comes complete with a frame, integrated gutter, and aluminium blades that can adjust up to 180 degrees. A favourite with architects, when closed the louvre roof feels exactly like an aluminium patio roof but at the press of a button, you can open the blades (stop them at any point) and allow your desired amount of light and air to fill your backyard entertainment space. Very popular as an extension of an existing patio, to finish off a courtyard or over the outdoor kitchen.

Helioscreen Perth

Retractable Roof systems

The retractable roof system is perfect when you are looking to remove the roof completely in your outdoor entertainment space. While there are many different configurations making it very flexible to install the most commonly installed system in Perth, WA comes with a 100% waterproof fabric cover, two posts, and an integrated gutter. When extended the fabric is stretched taut along rafters, with a unique seal allowing the water to be channeled down to the integrated gutter system. The durable PVC fabric allows for protection from the heat, glare, and UV when required, keeping your outdoor entertainment space comfortable at all times. When this roof system is retracted all, you’re left with is an open window so you can enjoy your Perth winter’s day sun or night sky. The roof fabric can even be light filtering to ensure even when closed you are not impacting the light into the home.

Retractable Roof systems from Helioscreen
Helioscreen Retractable Roof system

Make it an outdoor room with Integrated Zip and Alfresco Blinds

Now that you have selected your retractable roof system, let’s enclose the space with alfresco blinds. Retractable external blinds can be up to 6m wide in a single span so no need for additional posts or supports blocking your view. The Ziplock track system not only encloses your space completely to keep those pesky flies and mosquitos out but also ensures it can withstand strong wind gusts.

Soltex offers several ranges of outdoor zip track blinds so they have a solution for any situation. One of our most popular Blackout Blinds Perth and Alfresco Blinds Perth, WA is the HMX Zip system from Helioscreen Perth. With its slimline square headbox and recessed base bar, it almost disappears when retracted providing a seamlessly integrated solution. Outdoor blinds can provide a more comfortable environment for your family & friends by reducing glare from the setting sun, buffer wind and provide privacy. They also help to protect your furniture and outdoor kitchen from the elements. Alfresco blinds can be matched to any external framework and come in a variety of different screen colours and textures depending on your needs and design requirements. Explore the Soltex range of external zip blinds

Add Lights & Heating

LED strip lighting

Enhance your outdoor space and ensure it is usable all year and all night by adding Lighting and Outdoor Heaters. With the innovation of LED lighting, Soltex in Perth, can incorporate LED strip lighting, or small LED Downlights into any of our retractable and opening roofing system options. LED lights can be dimmed via remote to create the perfect ambiance in your outdoor living room, including the all-important lighting above your outdoor kitchen or BBQ. Outdoor heaters can also be added. They are typically electric with Infrared technology for instant heat and can be fixed to the roof system or a nearby wall so as the sun goes down and the temperature drops you don’t have to stop the party. They also mean you’re not dealing with bulky and dangerous gas outdoor heaters, so your space remains clutter free.

Remote controlled and fully automated by Somfy

Hit one button and have your roof system and external blinds all open to let the outdoors in. Powered by Somfy, one remote can control your entire outdoor space. The system can be configured via the Somfy ConnexoonApp, accessible while at home or anywhere you are connected to the internet by using the Somfy Connexoon plugged into your modem or router. You can even control your system by the simple voice command “hey google open the alfresco” for the ultimate in hands-free entertaining.


Your Retractable Roof and Alfresco blinds can also be controlled via SomfyRain, Wind and Sun sensors so they can retract or close automatically, not only is this functional, but it also protects your investment in your outdoor room. For example, you may set your Somfy Sun sensor to automatically lower your blinds and close the roof when the temperature hits over 30 degrees, helping both your outdoor space and your home remain cool in summer and reducing your cooling costs. Alternatively, you may have your SomfyRain sensor set to close your roof and drop your blinds to keep out the rain and protect your furniture and furry friends. A wind sensor in Perth can be essential to protect your retractable awnings due to high wind gusts, especially if you’re along the coast or in an elevated position. Check out the full range of Somfy remotes and automated solutions at solutions.

Start designing your Outdoor room

If you are building or renovating in Perth, WA doesn’t just settle for a fixed roof for your outdoor space. Adding a retractable roof System or operable louvre gives you the flexibility to control your outdoor space all year round, whilst also being a unique and visually stunning addition. By enclosing the space with alfresco blinds, adding lights and heaters, you are providing all-year-round living space to your home and creating an invaluable connection to the great outdoors and favorable weather Perth has to offer. Speak to the team at Soltex in Perth for your project and start living your backyard dreams.



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