Do I need council approval for a Folding Arm Awning?

The simple answer is no, you do not need council approval for a folding arm awning. This is one of the most popular reasons for selecting a folding arm awning as your shade solution. The fundamental design of the folding arm awning is to have the cassette fixed to a structure and the folding arms extend from the cassette to stretch the fabric taught.

This cantilevered design means no additional structure like posts is required for your shade solution and thus no council approval is required as it is not considered a permanent structure.

Multi- Residential Approval may be required

Keeping in mind if you live in an apartment, town house or similar multi-residential dwelling approval may be required from the body corporate or strata management. Soltex specialises in working with multi- residential developments and can help provide sales documentation and 3D drawings for assistance with the approval process. All our folding arm awnings are custom made so we can colour match with any exterior for seamless

Visit our projects page for an example of folding arm awnings installed in a West Leederville residence or see pictures below were folding arm awnings have been integrated into the design of the building.

Structural Support

While no additional structure for the folding arm awning is required, we do need to ensure the structure we mount to can support the weight and potential extraction forces of the wind on your awning. For example, if we are mounting to a brick surface, we require at least 5 courses of brick above the awning.

If additional brick work is not available, we can fix the folding arm awning through the fascia by inserting rafter brackets into the roof space or mount to the roof itself.
At Soltex we recommend a folding arm awning should not extend or project more than 3.5m. This is to allow enough time for the folding arm awning to retract in a strong wind and avoid damage to arms or fabric. This is especially critical in Perth’s windy conditions.

Extensive range available

As the exclusive Perth supplier of German engineered Weinor folding arm awnings, Issey folding arm Awnings and Helioscreen folding arm awning we work closely with manufacturers to ensure all awning are installed to manufacturers requirements. This allows us to offer a 5-year installation and manufacturer’s warranty.
With such an extensive range of awnings available we can certainly find the right product for your unique situation so give us a call today to discuss your requirements.