Outdoor Blinds

Customised window coverings that provide shade to windows, balconies, and al fresco areas.
Enhance privacy and comfort.
Large grey blinds shading a multi-story brick building.
Grey blinds shading a home on a bright sunny day.
White blinds shading a multi-story glass window.
An efficient shade solution for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Soltex range of Outdoor Blinds is specifically designed for external installation, serving multiple purposes including providing shade, protecting against harsh weather conditions, and enhancing privacy. Our Outdoor Blinds can be used to control the amount of sunlight that enters a space – ensuring an environment that is both functional and supremely comfortable. Motorised retractable blinds externally fitted to windows prevent the sun from reaching the glass in the first instance and can reduce heat by up to 95% – providing energy savings by bringing down air conditioning costs.

Inside an al fresco area shaded with fabric blinds.

Why you’ll love Soltex
Outdoor Blinds.

Outdoor blinds providing controlled shading to an indoor seating area.
  • Premium craftsmanship – our range is exceptional in both design and quality.
  • Customised to your needs – all blinds are tailored to your exact specifications.
  • Intelligent features – automated for hassle-free operation with optional sun and wind sensors.
  • Highly durable – world-class materials and components offer maximum weather protection.
  • Industry leading warranties– on materials and installation.
We’ll handle it all from start to finish.


All aspects of your project are handled by our in-house project management team including customised design, electrical works (if required), custom framework, council design and application, and installation by our in-house professionals.

SOLTEX van arriving at a house to install an outdoor sun shade
A group of men installing shading solutions for a client.
Be inspired by our recent projects.
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    Before you decide…


    Soltex specialises in customised shade solutions, ensuring the product we recommend ticks all the boxes – including those you didn’t think about. With factors including orientation, building layout, and the size of your space affecting product selection, it’s essential to have us visit your property first.


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    Frequently asked questions.

    We over a variety of solutions with the largest Outdoor Blinds being able to span 6m.

    We have an extensive range to choose from and can offer both zipped in blinds, blinds with tracks and cable guides. Our Zipped blinds use a fibre glass fabric which does not shrink, making it suitable for zipped applications.

    We offer both manual and motorised, we specialise in motorised due to convenience and longevity of motorised blinds especially when paired with sensors and app control. If power is a problem, we even offer Solar powered blinds.

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