How External Blinds and Awnings Add Value to Your Home

Whether you plan to sell or just want to improve your home’s liveability, an affordable and straightforward strategy is to add a shading solution from Soltex, Perth, WA. Here are a few of the ways external blinds and awnings can add value to your home.

Improve Your Insulation

The windows around your home are responsible for a lot of the heat exchange and UV Radiation. Whether your goal is to stay cool on a typical summer day in Perth, or you want to keep the chill out during winter, windows exposed to the elements can reduce your home’s energy efficiency by up to 25%.

The best way to handle heat and glare is to deal with them before they get to your external walls and windows. Doing this will prevent the transfer of heat and create a more stable internal temperature.

Outdoor awnings and blinds add an extra layer of insulation between your external walls and the elements. The sun’s warm rays, cold winds, and rain are prevented from directly affecting the temperature inside your home.

External blinds can reduce the amount of heat entering your home by around 60 per cent.  Any appliances you use to keep cool or warm will work more efficiently because of the extra layer of protection.

Homes in exposed positions are often subjected to high winds, and lower-quality awnings and blinds can easily get damaged during these conditions. Soltex blinds are sturdy and durable and can protect your home through some of the windiest weather.

Increase Your Living Space

Growing families can be demanding on living space. When the bank is not forthcoming on a full renovation or extension, an awning or blind can give you the extra living space your family needs at a significantly reduced cost.

If you have a patio, veranda, or deck, then outdoor blinds and awnings can turn that space into a more versatile area of your home. Whether you need a comfortable space for entertaining guests or need somewhere for the teenagers to hang out, external blinds and awnings provide an affordable way to enhance your home’s value. Enclose your patio or balcony from the elements, and you have an outdoor space that is usable year-round.

You and your guests will appreciate the convenience of using your outdoor areas during any type of weather. Whether the sun is shining, the rain is pouring down, or the wind is blowing, you and your guests can stay comfortable and dry.

Improve the Street Appeal of Your Home

Making the right choice in external awnings and blinds means you will also increase your home’s street appeal. Awnings and blinds bring new life and add depth to the facade of your home.

A home with street appeal has the advantage when it comes time to sell your property because people are swayed by houses that look just as attractive and functional from the outside as they do from the inside.

Soltex offers a complete range of outdoor blind designs and configurations, so you can enjoy a style and colour combination that will perfectly complement your home.

Insect Control

Perth is a place where people like to get outside and enjoy the weather, but not when that time is spent swatting flies and slapping at mosquitos. When you install outdoor awnings and blinds to your home’s external areas, you can enjoy the weather without all the pesky insects. Soltex blinds can be accurately measured to create a barrier that flies and mosquitos cannot cross. You can also leave the smelly insect repellent in the cupboard.

Enhanced Privacy

Outdoor areas around Perth are often in full view of the neighbours or passers-by on the street. If you would like more privacy when using your backyard, patio, or deck, then external blinds and awnings come in a range of styles that can help you enjoy your outdoor areas, free from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours.

Protect Your Outdoor and Indoor Furniture

Just like people getting too much sun, constant exposure to UV rays can age furniture beyond its years. UV rays penetrating your windows and beating down on your outdoor furniture can damage and age the wood. Cushions will also fade and degrade when exposed to hours of UV rays every day, but you can slow down the aging process by blocking the sun from your furniture.

Use external blinds to keep your outdoor areas in the shade whenever you are not using them. Large windows can also let in a significant amount of UV light, which can fade carpet and other floor coverings and shorten the life of your expensive lounge chairs.

Retractable awnings and blinds can give you complete control over how much light and shade your indoor, and outdoor areas are exposed to every day. For the ultimate in convenience, consider an automated system from Soltex that automatically opens and retracts according to your settings and what the weather is doing.

Save Space

Australian home designs have been steadily whittling away at the inside living space. For most new homeowners, large, open, indoor areas are beyond the average Australian income when buying a new home. Shrinking properties have created an emerging trend for homeowners to make the most of their outdoor space by converting it into a living area using external awnings and blinds.

Creating extra space also has other advantages. With the protection afforded by an outdoor awning, Perth residents can take advantage of cool breezes by leaving their windows and doors open without having to worry about insects like flies and mosquitos, harsh sunlight, or summer storms ruining their day. Awnings and outdoors seamlessly merge the outdoors with the indoors so homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Soltex are Perth’s premier supplier of outdoor blinds and awnings. All Soltex products are manufactured to the highest standards. A range of styles, colours, and configurations are available to suit any decor. For professional service and advice get in touch with one of our awnings and blinds experts today.