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Protect Your Furniture from UV with External Blinds.

The Australian sun can be brutal on household and outdoor furniture, but completely blocking those beautiful warming rays is out of the question. Unfortunately, every ray of sunshine has a dark side.

The UV component of light is incredibly damaging to all forms of organic substances, including the wood, fabrics, and plastics used in most household furniture.

It’s not only furniture at risk of UV delivered by the sun’s rays; carpets, paintwork, and even we all need protection from excessive levels of UV. We regularly cover up and use sunscreen when venturing outdoors, but how many of us consider the barrage of UV rays we expose our house and furniture to every day?

Of course, we can’t coat our furniture in layers of sunscreen, nor do most of us have the time to add and remove protective coverings when the furniture is not in use. However, we do have options when it comes to ensuring our furniture has a long-life and looks good as new for longer.

You have probably found yourself annoyed about carpet or floorboards that are covered by furniture being a slightly different shade when you decide to redecorate. Couches positioned near windows will also show signs of aging faster than furniture further inside the room. The damage is not just cosmetic, as furniture exposed to sunlight for extended periods becomes weak and brittle.

What are Your Options?

The trick to reducing the amount of harmful UV your furniture receives is to block out as much sunlight as you can. However, Perth is famous for its beautiful warm weather, so you want to be able to take advantage of it whenever you can. But you also want to protect your expensive furniture as much as possible as well.

By choosing the right type of blinds, you have control over how much sunlight can enter a room or patio while you are using it, while completely blocking it out or filtering it while you are not. It’s the best of both worlds. Your furniture is only exposed for as long as you are enjoying the weather.

For the times when you are at work or not in the room, you can envelop your furniture in shade. By removing the threat of excessive UV exposure, you will also be able to extend the life of your furniture significantly.

External UV Blinds Give You Options for UV Protection.

External roller blinds are incredibly durable and made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions typical of Perth during the height of summer.  You could say that Australian weather does not let up at any time of the year when it comes to bombarding us with UV rays every day, as Australian winters can also be quite hard on furniture and people.

The hours of sunlight through Perth winters and summers make it even more essential that we have some leverage over how much UV our living and outdoor areas receive (as well as ourselves). One of the best ways to ensure we have complete control over UV rays is to install high-quality external blinds.

Blinds are available with different features. There are models with open style brackets, while others have aluminium extruded cassettes. If you’re looking for the best protection possible against the elements with external blinds, then the extruded cassette range are the ones you should be aiming for.

Heavy-duty roller tubes can support longer widths of fabric, which means that external blinds can complement even the widest panoramic view.

The design is unobtrusive and can accommodate blinds up to 6m long. It will blend in seamlessly with the facade, so it won’t detract from the style you’re going for, or ruin the view. The range is available in square and round designs and is unobtrusive enough to be suitable for small windows.

Other features available include manually operated external blinds which use a crank handle for adjusting how much sunlight to let in or block. More convenience can be achieved by opting for a model that is motorised and includes a convenient remote control.

A wide range of fabric choices gives you plenty of options for controlling the amount of light your property receives.

More Advanced Features

For the ultimate in comfort and protection against the elements, external blinds are available with advanced features that automate them according to the path of the sun through the sky. Sensors track the sun as well as wind velocity and direction.

No matter what time of year it is, this level of automation takes managing your external blinds out of your hands, so nothing is left to chance. Your house and furnishing will always be sure to receive the best protection against UV rays and the weather.

Where Can You Use External Blinds?

External blinds are excellent solutions for increasing the living area and adding value to your home or business without going to great expense. A patio without external blinds is likely inaccessible during certain times of the day where it may be too hot, too cold, or extremely windy.

Blinds can open up that area of your home for more hours of the day by blocking out light and heat or letting in warmth and providing a handy barrier against strong breezes and windy weather.

There aren’t many areas around the home that external blinds wouldn’t make more comfortable. Verandas, balconies, windows, and patios are all suitable areas where an external blind installation could enhance your quality of life.

Business owners will also receive a ton of value from external blinds. How many more customers would sit down at your restaurant or cafe if external blinds were installed to make their stay more comfortable? Your outdoor eating areas could be made a lot more comfortable, and you will be able to seat people at any time of the day regardless of what the weather is doing.

If you’re looking for solutions to protect your valuable house and furnishings, then external blinds could be your best solution. They are versatile, extremely customisable, and will add value to your home or business.





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