Protection From Wind and Rain With Outdoor Blinds

Why Install Shade Solutions in Winter for Summer

Living in Perth, WA, means you are spoiled with fantastic weather for most of the year. Unfortunately, the weather can’t be perfect all the time, and you are occasionally forced to head indoors to get out of the wind and rain.

If you enjoy outdoor living and want to make the most of your patio, outdoor blinds will create an alfresco area of your home you can enjoy all year round, without worrying about what the weather is doing. Wind, hail, rain, or shine, outdoor blinds from Soltex, Perth, WA, provide a wide range of options for protection from all types of weather.

Enjoy More Outdoor Space While Socialising

Don’t let the weather spoil your BBQ. When you have outdoor blinds protecting your patio from the wind and rain, you and your guests won’t have to escape indoors when the weather does its best to spoil your afternoon.

Outdoor blinds are great for more than protection against the wind and rain. On a cold and blustery afternoon, they are also great for keeping in the warmth. If you’re making use of outdoor heating options, the wind can quickly dissipate the heat as fast as your outdoor heaters can create it.

Extend the blinds, stop the wind, and trap the warmth in where it will do the most good, so you and your guests can continue to enjoy outdoor living in comfort.

Enjoy the Fresh Air

We all love a gentle, cooling breeze, but when the wind is threatening to blow the rain sideways and straight into your lounge room, outdoor blinds will mean you can avoid the mad dash to shut all the windows. Your blinds will allow you to keep your windows open and keep the fresh air circulating, regardless of whether the sun is shining, or a storm is passing through.

Avoid Nasty Surprises from the Weather

One minute you’re enjoying the warm sunshine typical of the beautiful weather in Perth, WA but the next could you see you dashing for cover as a storm rolls over. Perth’s unpredictable storms can catch you by surprise and interrupt your afternoon while relaxing outdoors.

When you’ve got outdoor blinds working for you, you won’t have to keep one eye on the weather and the other on your rissoles, sausages, and steaks. Storms will come and go, but with outdoor blinds, they will no longer have the power to ruin your afternoon lunch gathering.

Automated Comfort

Soltex has a wide range of options for automating the weather control around your home. You can have all the weather protection you need instantly with the press of a button.

Automated outdoor blind solutions give you the flexibility to control the level of protection and comfort against the sun, wind, and rain, without the inconvenience of heading outside to make manual adjustments.

UV Protection

While it’s good to keep the rain out of your outdoor living spaces and block the wind from blowing the napkins and tablecloths all over the yard, UV rays from the sun can also do their fair share of damage.

Outdoor blinds from Soltex are fortified against the harsh UV rays, while also keeping the sun off your valuable outdoor settings. And let’s not forget the convenience of being able to spend some time outdoors without slapping on layers of sunscreen or covering yourself with long-sleeved shirts and a wide-brimmed hat.

Soltex Custom Outdoor Blind Solutions

Soltex are Perth, WAs premier supplier of outdoor shading. All outdoor blinds are custom created solutions that will perfectly suit the vision you have for your home, or blend in seamlessly with your existing decor. A wide range of colours and materials are available to accommodate all budgets and tastes.

Outdoor Blind Solutions from Soltex

Premium outdoor blind solutions are available with a range of innovative features that will add comfort and style to your home and outdoor area. Choose the solution that is right for you.

External Roller Blinds

All homes are unique, which means all Soltex outdoor blind solutions are custom created to cover any situation. Every blind is created with a focus on reliability and durability to ensure they can withstand the rigours of the sometimes-harsh weather experienced around Perth, WA.

A wide range of options like open style bracket, or full aluminium extruded cassettes help you achieve the level of outdoor protection you need for your home. You can also go full automation for the extra convenience or choose from our manually operated range so you can take advantage of the sunshine or the view when the weather is behaving itself.

For the ultimate in sun, wind, and rain protection, Soltex can fully automate your outdoor blinds. You will always have just the right amount of protection without having to give it a second thought.

External Zip Blinds

There are always going to be pesky insects threatening your enjoyment of the outdoors or ruining your afternoon lunch gathering. Swatting flies, slapping at mosquitos, or spraying on stinky chemicals will be things of the past when you choose from Soltex’s range of external Zip blinds. You receive protection from the sun as well as create an impenetrable barrier that insects are unable to cross.

If your home is situated to take advantage of the magnificent view, then you don’t want your blinds ruining it for you. Soltex provides a range of materials that allow you to let in as much light as you need, keep the wind at bay, and protect against the glare without obstructing the view. The ‘Zip’ technology used in Soltex external blinds keeps the fabric inside the side channels for maximum stability, even in windy coastal conditions.

You can create a stylish and trendy look to your outdoor entertaining spaces while protecting you and your guests from the wind and rain. You can ignore the weather and put all your focus on enjoying outdoor life. Soltex outdoor blinds give you the luxury of being able to choose the right amount of coverage that will keep your party going, and your guests comfortable in all types of weather.