Pivot Arm

A motorised retractable drop arm awning that protects doors, windows, and balconies.
On-demand shade that protects spaces outside – and in.
Highly performance sun protection for internal spaces.

Manufactured in Perth specifically for the WA climate, the Soltex Pivot Arm Awning is extremely strong and versatile, making it ideal for areas prone to high winds. A fantastic compromise between traditional horizontal folding arm awnings and straight drop blinds, our Pivot Arm Awning is clever in design and innovation – shielding the sun’s various angles throughout the day due to tensioned spring-loaded arms that allow for a maximum angle of 115 degrees.

A SOLTEX Folding Arm Awning providing shade for the patio of a Perth home.

Why you’ll love a Soltex
Pivot Arm Awning.

  • Robust fabric and components – spring loaded arms and taut fabric offer high wind resistance.
  • High-performance shade – protects internal spaces from heat, glare, and harmful UV rays.
  • Intelligent features – stops at any intermediate point depending on angle of sun.
  • Flexible design – arm lengths available include 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1300mm, 1400mm.
  • World-class materials and components – manufactured in Perth, WA.
  • Industry Leading warranties – on materials and installation.
We’ll also take care of everything from start to finish

With all aspects of your project handled by our in-house project management team including customised design, electrical works (if required), custom framework, council design and application, and installation by our in-house professionals.

Be inspired by our recent projects
See how a Soltex outdoor shade solution can be customised to your space.

Frequently asked questions

Great news! You do not require council approval for a Pivot Arm Awning, saving you time and additional cost.

You cannot fix to the eave but due to the slimline nature of the Pivot Arm Awning headbox at only 135mm it can fit seamlessly above most windows and doors.

Yes, due to the angle of the arms, combined with a waterproof fabric the awning can be left out in rain. It would still need to be retracted in storms.

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