Retractable Roof & Outdoor Dining – The Perfect Solution for any Restaurant, Bar or Café.

Are you a restaurant, café, or bar owner in Perth with an amazing rooftop terrace or private courtyard currently going unused? Why not add a retractable roof system in your outdoor space and start booking private dining experiences and hosting functions all year round. Not only is a retractable roof system adding usable floor space to increase your bottom line, but it also offers a unique experience for your customers.

What is a retractable roof system?

A retractable roof system is a motorised waterproof shade sail or fabric which can be extended and retracted along rafters; with a unique high torque motor drive system, the fabric is always kept at the perfect tension. The roof system can be installed into existing pergola framework or provided with complete posts and gutter. Unlike a fixed roof, it can provide the best of both worlds protection from the elements when extended and then retracted back to let sun and light in giving the space an open and airy vibe.

How can it help me maximise my revenue?

For bars, cafes, and restaurants, outdoor space is often the most sought-after area for patrons to spend their time; too hot or too cold weather forces patrons to be jammed into enclosed areas. Increase your usable floor space and ensure you offer a comfortable environment while still providing an in-demand outdoor feel. Turn your entire venue square footage into usable floor space to maximise revenue. Unlike a fixed roof, you have a uniquely flexible space for all-day use. Open in the morning for your coffee rush, closed in the heat of the day for the business lunch crowd, and then opened back up for after-work drinks and Perth’s stunning sunsets.

An all-weather retractable roof system means you can have consistent bookings for private functions and weddings all year round, which bring in a guaranteed price per head.

Don’t forget when customers feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy they tend to stay longer at your venue eating and drinking.

Save on energy costs.

Your utility bills take up a large portion of your monthly operating expenses; the unique fabric on a retractable roof system can block out sunlight and heat-reducing your cooling costs. It also protects your furniture from the harsh UV rays so that you won’t be spending money continually replacing these items. In addition, enclosing the outdoor space with retractable external blinds provides added insulation, and outdoor heaters can further reduce heating costs.

See the range of external blinds offered by Soltex here.

Safe and simple to use

Unlike umbrella’s which would need to be closed during high winds and only shades half the table, a retractable roof system can stand wind gusts of up to 117 km per hour. Staff won’t need to manually close and move umbrellas around, creating a safety hazard, a retractable roof system can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. The addition of a Somfy Ondeis Rain sensors can provide peace of mind so the retractable roof can automatically close when rain is detected, or it can be programmed to open and close at specific times of the day; you can even manage the system via the Somfy Connexoon App.

Add lights and customise your fabric.

Your bar, café, or restaurant can serve patrons late into the evening with dimmable LED down lights built into the retractable roof system profiles and adjustable at the touch of a button. The fabric itself can be both full block out or light-diffusing, so even when the roof is closed, you still have natural light filtering through. The PVC fabric is durable but easy to clean and has a unique and wicking process that considerably reduces microorganism penetration into the heart of coated fabrics, which is great for a restaurant or bar environment.

Flexible installation options

Soltex has installed the retractable roof system into existing pergola framework, or it can be provided with complete posts and gutter colour matched to an existing façade. The fabric profiles can be matched to the fabric or act as a contrasting design element to highlight the unique roof system. A recent installation at the Sandalford Winery is an example of the retractable roof system being installed into the customer-built framework, where a high-end integrated finish was required; see the link to the project.

If you’re thinking about extending your restaurant, café or bar add a point of difference with a retractable roof system by Soltex it is a perfect solution for managing your outdoor venue space, allowing you full use 24 hours a day, all 365 days of the year.