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Retractable Shade Sail Vs. Fixed Shade Sail – Which is Better?

Shade sails, both retractable and fixed, are a common sight on residential and commercial properties around Perth, WA. If you’ve been considering shade solutions for your property, you have probably found yourself wondering about the advantages of a retractable shade sail vs. a fixed shade sail.

Benefits of Shade Sails

Retractable shade sails and fixed sails offer many benefits, from adding value and appeal to a property to providing extra protection from the sun.

Shade Sails Use Fewer Resources

Shade sails require less timber and materials to install. You will need to install the posts and beams and anchor points on the building. However, when compared to patios and decks, shade sails in any format will be ready to provide shade much faster and more affordably than more complex structures.

Shade Sails Give Your More Time Outdoors

Without shade options, the heat of the daytime sun can keep you indoors to avoid the heat. A shade sail allows you to enjoy your backyard for more hours in the day in the comfort of cool shade, but it can also provide some protection from the rain. If you’re using shade sails for your business, such as a cafe, your guests will have more seating choices.

Keeps The House Cooler

The hot sun shining down onto the walls of the house will transfer heat to the interior. A shade sail creates an extra barrier for the sun to keep the exterior of your property cooler, and by extension, the interior as well. You will also save on your power bill because you won’t use as much energy cooling your home or business.

Shade Sails Improve Aesthetics

If you are looking for affordable ways to add to your living space and make your property more visually appealing, then a shade sail may be just the thing. They come in a wide range of sizes and colours from bright and bold to more subtle shades. A shade sail on a back deck creates a more appealing area for people to enjoy.

Fixed Shade Sail Vs. Retractable Shade Sail

Now that you know the benefits of shade sails in general, your next decision will be to choose between fixed and retractable shades.

Fixed Shade Sail Advantages

Fixed shade sails are an attractive solution to create extra shade for an outdoor area, while also providing some shelter from light rain. The sails are constructed from tough fabric and stretch out to attach to anchor points on buildings and additional poles.
A fixed shade sail is relatively easy to install compared to other outdoor areas like patios and decks. They also use minimal resources and don’t require builders or architects to design and install.
You can purchase fixed shade sails in a variety of shapes and colours to fit with your decor. Many homeowners and businesses have created visually attractive outdoor areas by overlapping multiple shade sails of different colours and shapes.

Fixed Shade Sail Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to fixed shade sails to be aware of when considering your options.

Proper Installation

Shade sails that are not correctly installed can develop sagging in the middle. If there is any give in the material, then debris falling onto the sail can build up and put extra weight on the fabric. You must choose a professional installer who has experience at installing quality shade sails, so the structure gives you years of uninterrupted service.

Problems with Shade Sail Posts

Strong winds put immense pressure on shade sails and the posts to which they are attached. If posts become loose and wobbly in their foundation, the sails can become a safety issue. For this reason, it’s recommended you take shade sails down during strong winds. You will need to ensure you choose a brand that is designed to be easily removed from its riggings, and just as easy to replace.

Constant Exposure to Sun

Constant exposure to the weather takes a toll on even the toughest fabric. You can avoid this problem by choosing only the highest quality fabrics that are also UV protected against the suns harsh rays. You should be able to reasonably expect your shade sail to last for at least a couple of decades before replacement is necessary.

Retractable Shade Sail Benefits

Retractable shade sails come with all the benefits of fixed shade sales, but very few of the drawbacks.
A retractable shade sail is a light-weight solution that is convenient and easy to operate so you can have shade when you want, or enjoy the warmth of the sun on colder days.
Retractable sails are useful additions to pool areas, decks, and balconies. You can enjoy swimming on sunny days without the need for sunscreen, or entertain your guests in comfort, regardless of what the weather is doing. You can extend the retractable shade sail all the way to make use of all of your outdoor area, or open only part of the way for smaller groups.
A retractable shade sail can be custom fitted to a wide variety of existing structures, including houses, pergolas, or between posts. The options are limitless, as you can quickly create as much shade as you need over gardens, decks, bbq areas, dining areas, and school playgrounds.

Commercial Options Available

Retractable shade sails can be constructed to cover significantly large areas like public swimming pools, commercial dining areas, lunch areas for employees, and mining sites to provide up to 95% UV protection.
They are easily extended and retracted for convenience, so there are no issues with sagging, or any need to worry about high winds. When retracted, the shade sails are out of the way and out of sight.
Shaderunner from Soltex, Perth, WA is created from the highest quality mesh and PVC fabrics. Marine-grade stainless fixings ensure you can use your outdoor area in any weather for decades to come.
Operation of the Soltex Shaderunner retractable sail is a breeze. Aluminium cross battens deliver extra support to rectangular fabric panels that effortlessly concertina out with a simple pull of a single control cord. Call today for a demonstration and learn how your home or business will be enhanced with a retractable shade sail.



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