Louvre Roof

A roof structure with adjustable louvres (slats or blades) that automatically open, close or tilt to control sunlight, ventilation, and protection from the elements.
Enjoy year-round outdoor entertaining with the Soltex Operable Louvre Roof.
Apartment al fresco with semi opened operable roof.
Control the weather you welcome into your space, at the touch of a button.


Seamlessly integrating with your home or existing outdoor structure, the Soltex Operable Louvre Roof gives you complete control over the level of protection from sun and rain. Create a watertight outdoor space to protect your furniture and pets while still allowing natural sun light and air flow into your home. With optional features including LED strip lights or downlighting, heating and rain sensors, your Louvre Roof System will turn your alfresco or patio area into a seamless extension of your indoors – and a space to enjoy throughout the year.

Operable Louvre Roof providing shade from the sun at a Perth cafe.
Outdoor lounge area shaded with blinds and opening roof.
Customised to your exact specifications.


The Soltex Operable Louvre Roof transforms your outdoor dining or entertainment area into a fully functional room to be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the season. Manufactured in Perth and customised to integrate with your home or existing outdoor structure, our Louvre Roof system is sophisticated in design but simple to use – giving you complete control over the level of protection from sun and rain.

Why you’ll love a Soltex
Soltex Operable Louvre Roof.

The rustic looking, non-for-profit cafe known as FORM in Claremont.
  • Locally designed – customised for seamless integration with your home and outdoor space.
  • Flexible installation options – including free standing or connected to existing walls or eaves.
  • Intelligent features – automated adjustable blades, heaters, LED lighting, and rain sensors.
  • Innovative – transforms your space into a fully functional outdoor room.
  • High-quality materials – components are manufactured in Australia and Europe.
  • Generous warranties – on materials and installation.
We’ll handle it all from start to finish.


All aspects of your project are handled by our in-house project management team including customised design, electrical works (if required), custom framework, council design and application, and installation by our in-house professionals.

SOLTEX van arriving at a house to install an outdoor sun shade
A group of men installing shading solutions for a client.
Be inspired by our recent projects.
See how a Soltex outdoor shade solution can be customised to your space.

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    Before you decide…


    Soltex specialises in customised shade solutions, ensuring the product we recommend ticks all the boxes – including those you didn’t think about. With factors including orientation, building layout, and the size of your space affecting product selection, it’s essential to have us visit your property first.


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    Frequently asked questions.

    Yes, when closed the Operable Louvre Roof System is watertight. Water runs down the interlocked blades and collects in the inbuilt gutter.

    No, we use extruded, powdercoated and treated aluminium for the frame and all fixings are ‘316’ stainless steel for maximum protection – even in coastal environments.

    Absolutely! A Soltex Operable Louvre Roof System provides the flexibility for light and ventilation control whilst also creating a frame to allow for integrated blinds, lights, and heaters.

    See what all the talk is about.