Bold Park
Community School

Bold Park Community School required a shading solution for an exposed play area that would safeguard children from Perth’s harsh summer conditions.


The play area’s location between a heritage-listed building and new classrooms posed installation challenges. Soltex’s solution was to install four automated Shaderunner® Pro retractable shade sails as the system can be completed customised and installed with minimal structural impact. Soltex took on the responsibility of obtaining approvals and designing custom steel attachment beams for the installation, a task that involved careful consideration of heritage constraints.

Bold park primary school lunch area with shade sail sun protection.
Sun shining through a black fabric shade sail.

The Shaderunner® Pro has provided effective protection for the play area, with its beautiful grey Vistaweave fabric also complementing the school’s architectural theme. Automated for the school’s convenience, the Shaderunner® Pro retractable shade sails also add an elegant and visually pleasing element to the outdoor space. Soltex’s solution showcases our expertise in addressing the specific needs of educational facilities and our ability to navigate heritage considerations. Soltex continues to provide comprehensive after-sales support for Bold Park Community School, ensuring the continued performance and maintenance of the automated Shaderunner® Pro retractable shade sails.

Project details
  • Bold Park Community School, Maylands
  • Shaderunner® Pro
  • 2 Shade Sails at 60m²
  • Vistaweave 95% Monument

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