Performing Arts Centre

The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre balcony was a standout feature of the building. However during summer it was practically unusable. Soltex MaxiZip Conservatory Awnings were installed to provide the safety and protection required.



Mandurah City council contacted Soltex for a solution to their much loved but mostly impractical balcony for their Performing Arts Centre. They had a balcony that was unusable during the hotter months of the harsh Perth summer, and extremely susceptible to prevailing coastal weather. Two Large MaxiZip Conservatory Awnings were proposed installed above the existing structure for an integrated look. The fabric chosen is zipped into tracks and powered by internal high-pressure gas struts, allowing no gaps and performance in all weather, especially wind. Large engineered steel brackets were also designed to support the headbox and tracks for a six-degree angle to be achieved. This design assisted with the protection of the setting sun in their indoor function room.

Conservatory awning at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.
Half retracted awning over an arts centre balcony.

A Somfy Chronis remote allows the retractable awning to be set at specific times, so it could not be left out unintentionally by staff and a wind sensor was fitted to reduce damage to the outdoor awning in the event of strong wind. Management was left with peace of mind that the outdoor awnings were going to be of great use for many years to come.

Project details
  • Mandurah, Western Australia
  • MaxiZip Retractable Conservatory Awning
  • Two awnings at 5.5m x 4.5m
  • WeatherMax Beige
  • Anotec Dark Grey
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