Scarborough Beach

The owner of this penthouse envisioned an all-weather retractable roof that would protect against the elements while maintaining their views across Scarborough Beach.


With the apartment positioned five stories above ground and in an area exposed to harsh salt air and regular high winds, a solution that would stand the test of time was essential. With a strong track record in designing and installing customised all-weather solutions, Soltex was engaged to turn our client’s vision into a reality. Our recommendation was the PURE Retractable Roof, which included the installation of a galvanised steel portal frame to enable essential shelter without impacting views.

Scarborough penthouse shaded with a self operable roof.
Oceanside penthouse with a white retractable roof.
Multi story penthouse with a well shaded dining area.

The resulting PURE Retractable Roof has resulted in a versatile and functional outdoor living space with panoramic ocean views. Meticulous planning included coordinating road closures and adherence to safety standards, and as project managers Soltex handled all council approvals and permits. This project showcases Soltex’s expertise in delivering innovative solutions for private residences, demonstrating our ability to turn ambitious visions into reality – even in complex urban settings. The client praised Soltex’s seamless project management which extends to our after-sales support, ensuring ongoing performance and maintenance. While traditional ROI may not apply, the PURE Retractable Roof has increased the value of our client’s property and greatly enhanced their enjoyment of their home.

Project details
  • 5th Floor Penthouse, Scarborough
  • PURE Retractable Roof
  • 4.5m x 5.8m
  • Fabric White Grain 7463
  • Dulux Surfmist

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