Sandalford Winery
Swan Valley

An integrated and unobtrusive system was required that would marry into an existing commercial building while also providing a high-end finish.


This project centred on the installation of four PURE Retractable Roof Systems to the external dining courtyard at one of WA’s most renowned wineries in the Swan Valley: the award-winning Sandalford Winery restaurant. Integral to the project was the consideration of the 120-year-old existing vines which not only required light to grow and thrive but also could not be touched during the installation of the roof system.

Floral garden dining area with retractable sun protection systems.
White retractable automated roof of a winery.
Sophisticated high end roofing system protecting a restaurant.

Our solution was to install four PURE Retractable Roof Systems into purpose-built framework, providing patrons access to the morning sun when retracted and protection from the harsh midday sun and rain during winter when extended. Thanks to the Soltex team the Sandalford winery now has an amazing outdoor space for the restaurant and allows it to host functions all year round.

Project details
  • Sandalford Winery, Swan Valley
  • PURE Retractable Roof System
  • 4 Retractable Roofs at 7m x 4m
  • Sunblock white, black satin
  • ???
High end roofing system of a restaurant in the Swan Valley, Western Australia.
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