The Hummus Club had no problem attracting diners, however during the winter months their outdoor seating became unusable and many patrons struggled to find seating. Soltex Laguna Folding Arm Awnings were installed ensuring sufficient seating year round.



The owners of this extremely popular Northbridge restaurant had a problem: an outdoor area without shelter, making it unusable during certain parts of the year and reducing the restaurants profitability. Soltex was engaged by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and the owners of the Hummus Club to find a solution which met Heritage Building requirements of no fixed or permanent poles, tracks or framework to the front of the building or deck area. Soltex proposed two Laguna Folding Arm Awnings which can be manufactured up to 8m wide, set to a 12 degree angle and with a gutter integrated in the front bar for water control for when it rains.

Shaded seating with folding awnings for a busy Perth restaurant.
The Hummus Club outdoor seating area with rain and sun protection by Soltex.
Evening dining under folding arm awnings at the Hummus Club, Perth.

The retractable awnings were installed onto custom engineered roof mounted brackets which maximised the clearance above customers dining. All roof brackets and awning extrusions were custom colour-matched to the Heritage façade paint colour. When retracted these outdoor awnings blend in seamlessly with the front elevation of the building. They are fully motorised and controlled both via remote and automated via Somfy Onedis Rain and 3D motion (wind) sensors which allow both the owners and patrons a comfortable dining experience.

Project details
  • Perth WA
  • Laguna Folding Arm Awning
  • 2 @ 8m x 3m
  • Dickson Acrylic Black
  • Pearl White
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