The Soltex team was approached by Signature Hospitality Group in Victoria after competing several similar projects to provide an all-weather solution for the roof top terrace at Sporting Globe bar & grill in Mordialloc. The third floor terrace would provide an unique outdoor space were patrons could enjoy watching sporting events all year round and increasing the venues capacity. The retractable roof system was requested to be fitted to an existing steel structure, this proved challenging due to the spacing of rafters and angle required for water run-off. After careful consultation the Soltex team proposed a Helioscreen retractable roof system, it would require additional steel work to achieve a 5 degree angle for water run off and a roof plumber to integrate with the building gutter system. Coordination of all addition trades and access equipment to lift the frame and heavy fabric for the roof system was managed by Soltex. The motorised roof system can retract at the touch of a button and even has built in LED lights for use at night. The result was a spectacular roof top terrace that will be usable all year round, day and night. The clients were ecstatic with all aspects of the design, and they are looking forward to hosting many AFL grands on the terrace.



The Sporting Globe, Mordialloc VIC



Helioscreen – Retractable Roof System



8m x 6m



Sunblock Grain Grey


Frame Colour

Natural Pearl Matt


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