Coupled Opal

Our client required effective backyard shading that wouldn’t get in the way of their precious play area.


The children at this residence loved playing in their backyard. However, the harsh Australian sun kept them inside during the summer months. With limited backyard space, any additional structure would reduce play space for the children. While this ruled out many options in the market, Soltex had a solution in mind. The recommendation was a full cassette folding arm awning. This unit could be attached to the wall, ensuring no obstruction of the play area. To fit in with the existing style of the home, the awning could be powdercoated to match the wall, ensuring seamless integration.

To reach the desired cassette span of 8.5 metres, the unit would utilise a coupled system consisting of two separate lengths of fabric. To remove any gap between the two fabrics, a third fabric length was installed underneath via a jockey wheel. The fabric utilised for the awning was Weinor Solar Acrylic – providing up to 98% UV block for optimal sun protection.

A backyard with Weinor Coupled Opal Folding arm awnings.
The retractable mechanism of a folding arm awning.
The white headbox of a folding arm awning attached to a wall.

The result for our client was a sleek, effective and stylish awning that fit the character of their home. Not only did the unit provide shade outside but it also added shade protection to their indoor space, reducing cooling costs. This discrete awning could be retracted into its wall mount to allow light and warm heat over the winter months.

Project details
  • Mosman Park
  • Weinor Opal Coupled Folding Arm Awning
  • 8.5m x 3.5m
  • A-3-866 Black and White stripe
The underside of a black and white striped folding arm awning.
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