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30 November 2020
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26 January 2021

What is Better – Internal or External Window Blinds?

Internal and external window blinds both perform similar tasks, and it can be tough to choose whether internal window blinds or external window blinds would make the better choice. The best decision you can make will be an informed one, but it will also depend on your property and your needs.

Internal Window Blinds Features

As the name describes, internal window blinds are installed inside the house and provide several advantages.

You get complete control over the amount of light that enters your property. When the blinds are down, you also increase your property’s amount of privacy from the street or the neighbours.

Internal blind options from Soltex in Perth, WA have straightforward control mechanisms that allow you to control an entire series of blinds from the one location for added convenience. This option is fantastic for properties with large glass areas to cover and need to block the afternoon or morning sun or improve privacy levels.

In the past, internal window blinds covering large areas would leave large gaps for light to enter, but Soltex has virtually eliminated that drawback with their intelligent designs.

Internal Window Blind Options from Soltex

Internal window blinds are available in a range of options depending on your needs.

Retractable pergolas & roof systems, motorised blinds & awnings, folding arm awnings, operable louvers, alfresco cafe outdoor balcony skylight block out blinds, ziptrack, zipscreen, shade track, patios, waterproof awnings, opening roofs, somfy.

Blockout roller blinds are an excellent choice for bedrooms and media rooms. They can deliver maximum protection from the sun and prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room and degrading the furniture. You can enjoy your media without annoying reflections on the screen, and shift workers will appreciate the chance to get a decent amount of sleep, even during the brightest parts of the day.

There are rooms where light is beneficial, but you still want some control over its intensity. Light filtering internal roller blinds are excellent options for giving you control over the glare entering the room and filtering most UV rays. You can enjoy privacy during the daytime without having to resort to electrical lighting.

Dual roller blinds are the ultimate in light control and filtering. Double rollers allow you to opt for complete privacy, block out 100% of the light, or illuminate a room with soft light while still filtering out the harmful UV rays. The dual roller option is a fantastic choice for rooms that you use for a variety of purposes.

Advantages of Internal Window Blinds

Internal window blinds offer many advantages for controlling light and heat entering the home.

During the cooler months, they can also provide an extra layer of insulation to trap the warmth
inside, rather than let it escape through the window glass.

Another advantage is that you have control over the blinds without having to go outside to make adjustments. This feature can be a blessing when the hot summer sun is beating down, or you need to open up your blinds to let in the light and warmth on a freezing winter morning.

Regardless of your living arrangements, whether you live in a freestanding home or reside in a
townhouse or unit, there’s an internal window blind solution that will suit your circumstances.

Disadvantages of Internal Window Blinds

One of the most significant downsides of internal window blinds is that they need regular cleaning.

However, they are not as challenging to clean as curtains and give you finer adjustments for
maximum control over heat and light.

Window blinds are also not as durable as external window blinds and are more easily damaged, especially when there are young children in the house.

External Window Blinds

The trend in modern buildings is to open up the internal areas to the outside with extensive areas of glass. While this development has apparent advantages, especially if you live in an area with lovely views, it can be challenging to control the level of sunlight and heat entering the room.

Large expanses of glass are also not the best insulation when warming a room during winter, and you would like to keep your energy consumption to a minimum. Plus, there are also issues of insects, wind, and rain when trying to take advantage of the fresh air.

Fortunately, external window blinds from Soltex in Perth WA can put paid to all of the above
problems while also delivering many other advantages.

External window blinds deliver a lot of extra temperature control because you can let in more or less sunlight by making adjustments to the blinds’ position.

Outside blinds also create an air gap between the building and the blinds to offer a pocket of
insulation that will help you keep the interiors cooler with less energy consumption. The material of the external blind will also reflect a great deal of heat back into the atmosphere.

Furniture that is not subjected to sunlight and UV for hours in the day will last longer because
materials won’t fade as fast, and wood won’t degrade.

Unlike internal blinds, you can install external blinds to your outdoor areas to make them more
comfortable, extend your living area, protect outdoor furniture from the elements, and give you access to those areas for more hours in the day.

Additional technology removes the need to manually adjust the blinds according to your needs and provide quick retraction when the weather takes a turn. Like internal blinds can do internally, outdoor variants also create extra privacy for patios and verandas.

External Window Blinds

When it comes to deciding which is better, the answer will always be, it depends on your needs. Both internal and external blinds offer various advantages and disadvantages that make them more suitable or not for a given situation or area of the house.

External window blinds can protect you and your guests from the weather, wind, and insects when entertaining outdoors. In contrast, internal blinds will add more control to the amount of light and heat that enters a room and improve the insulation to retain more warmth on cold days. If you are undecided about which version will be the better option, then be sure to talk to the friendly shading solutions experts at Soltex in Perth, WA.



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