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Why Install Shade Solutions in Winter for Summer

The summers in Perth, WA, are sunny and warm, so it’s no surprise that summer is the busiest season for companies that provide shade solutions. While the heat from the summer sun can have people running for shade, the winter sun can be a welcome source of warmth on cold winter’s day.

Naturally, more homeowners will be thinking about installing shading around their homes during summer than winter. However, there are still plenty of reasons why you should consider enhancing your outdoor areas with shading during winter when preparing your home in time for the summer heat.

Take Advantage of Value-Added Incentives

During winter, the warmth from the sun can provide a welcome respite from the cold on a chilly winter morning. Thinking about shading around the house to escape the heat is not a high priority for homeowners during winter.

As a result, providers of household shading usually experience a downturn in business. For this reason, value-added offers and discounts for shade solutions are more common during winter in Perth, WA. So, if you’ve been thinking about waiting for summer to install an awning or pergola roof, there’s no reason to wait, and you could save a few dollars off the cost by doing it now.

Faster Installation

The burning summer sun typical of Perth weather means that shade installers are kept pretty busy all through the hotter months of the year. A quality provider will be booked out weeks in advance, which means you could be waiting a while before you can enjoy your backyard for more hours of the day.

With business at a minimum during winter, you will be able to schedule a consultation and have your awning or blind installed much faster than what’s possible in summer. Plus, summer isn’t the only time you will benefit from a little extra shading around your home.

Protection From UV Rays

The sun’s UV rays are an everpresent hazard in both summer and winter, so it’s always wise to reduce your exposure by covering up, but adding extra layers of clothing and sunscreen isn’t convenient when you want to enjoy your backyard.

Perth winters are cold in the morning, but the direct winter sun in the afternoon can still reach uncomfortable levels of warmth.

A retractable roof or louvre system creates the perfect environment for relaxing around your home no matter the time of day. Open it up in the morning to take advantage of the warmth, and close it while the sun is directly overhead for better control of the temperature.

Protect Your Furniture

The winter sun hangs lower in the sky, and UV rays are damaging regardless of the season.

UV rays blasting through unprotected windows can cause damage to interior furniture just as easily as outdoor furniture. Carpets and cushions will fade, and surfaces will eventually look aged beyond their years.

Awnings over your windows during winter provide just as much value during the colder seasons as they do in summer. Retractable awnings also offer complete control over how much UV makes it inside the house. Retract them so you can take advantage of the natural light and warmth, and extend them when the room is not in use to extend the life of your decor.

Protect Outdoor Furniture All-Year Round

Moisture can also do its fair share of damage on unprotected furnishings, and shading can be used to make your outdoor living area more convenient as far as wet weather is concerned

Many people pack up their outdoor furniture and use protective coverings during the months of the year when they won’t often get used. It helps to keep the furniture looking new for longer, but it’s a little inconvenient when you want to make use of the area.

Shade coverings help protect your furniture all through the year and mean you don’t have to spend time uncovering pieces of furniture, or getting it out of storage.

June is the rainiest month of the year in Perth, WA, and what can provide protection from the sun can also keep the back patio nice and dry. With the right kind of shade solution, you can also add some protection against the rain.

Extra Privacy

Shade solutions are a great choice when you need a little more privacy in your backyard. While people aren’t thinking about shade so much during winter, many homeowners are considering the advantages of a hot tub on a cold winter’s night. Shade solutions are essential to ensuring you enjoy your time in complete privacy.

Keep the Heat In

Patio heaters give you the option to entertain or otherwise spend time in your backyard during the colder months. Not only are shade options great for blocking the heat from the sun, but they are also excellent at preventing the warmth from your patio heater escaping into the cool night air.

Your overall energy consumption for staying warm outside will be significantly reduced when you cover the area you are heating, and it will be even more efficient if you install shade walls to enclose the area entirely.

Your Shade Options – Why Wait?

As you can see, if you’ve been considering shading for your home, but are waiting for the weather to warm up, there are excellent reasons for exploring your options during the winter months.

Awnings and pergola roofs provide year-round protection from the sun, wind, and rain. You also receive the benefit of increasing your living area and protecting your furniture without having to put it in storage or use covers.

Adjustable awnings also give you the option to enjoy your outdoors for more hours of the day, regardless of the weather or the temperature.

Soltex are leading providers in Perth, WA, for all types of shade options. Their service includes retractable awnings, blinds, shutters, louvre roofs, sails, and more, and all come with various options for automation and even more convenience. All of Soltex’s shade options are created from the highest quality materials and come with extensive warranties for your peace of mind. Avoid the summer rush for shading options and discover how much value you can add to your home today.





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