Folding Arm Awning Perth

A Folding Arm Awnings Perth is a fantastic option for providing on demand protection from heat, glare & harmful UV rays with the touch of a button. They are by far the most popular and convenient way to shade outdoor areas without the need for posts or any supporting framework providing the area totally free of any unsightly framework and obstructions.

When not in use, the arms and fabric retract keeping the awning protected and allowing for light and the warm winter sun to enter the area. Each folding arm awning is equipped with its own unique features, all custom made to suit varying types of building applications. They are available in a wide range of frame colours, hundreds of high UV fabric designs and textures and optional LED Lighting.

Pairing a folding arm awning with intelligent sun, wind and rain sensors offers a completely automated solution. Select from a range from leading brands including open style, semi cassette and full cassette folding arm awning designs.

Every Folding Arm Awnings Perth is installed by our own in-house installation team providing a 5-year installation warranty.

Open Folding Arm Awnings Perth

Unobtrusive in design offering a unique and elegant addition to any outdoor setting. These awnings are perfect for under eave or under balcony installations where the awning is protected from the elements.

Semi-Cassette Folding Arm Awnings Perth

The most common design and option for many homes and businesses. Semi-Cassette Awnings are designed and engineered to span up to 6m-8m wide and the enclosure provides protection for the fabric and arms when retracted.

Full-Cassette Folding Arm Awnings Perth

Serving both as an architectural feature and a convenient shading solution, full cassette awnings provide the best absolute protection for the mechanisms when fully retracted. A full cassette folding arm awning is the ideal and best possible way to protect your awning ensuring a long-life span.


Folding Arm Awnings Perth, Courtyards, Pool Areas, Gardens, Windows, Patios, Beer-gardens, Restaurants, Outdoor Dining, Cafes

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