Soltex don’t just provide and install your product solutions.  They have an entire suite of services ranging from installation, service and repair, and even cleaning.



See Soltex’s range of Services for yourself:


Soltex installs your product solutions using only certified and highly qualified Soltex Installers, who install at the highest standards, with maximum care.


All products are installed with 316 marine grade stainless steel fixings, which are the best available in the industry, ensuring the highest quality and longevity.


What’s more, all workmanship is warranted for 5 years ensuring peace of mind.

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Project Management


Not only does Soltex manage the installation of their own products, they are also able to arrange and manage the other trades and services required for successful project completion such as, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and engineers to name a few.


This makes Soltex the perfect choice for a streamlined, well managed and stress-free project.


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Council Approval Assistance


Council approval can be a dauting process, which is why the team at Soltex are here to help.


Whilst the majority of shade systems don’t need council approval, some do and, in these cases, Soltex will assist and guide you through the process to assist with successful council approval when installing larger retractable pergolas and framework.


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Concept Drawings


Soltex understands the potential need to visualise your project before any major commitment is made, which is why they supply 3D concept drawings too.


Better yet, if your shade system requires council approval, these concept drawings can assist and even improve the success of your application.

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Insurance Work


Things go wrong in life, but Soltex can help.


If your system has been damaged in a storm or accident, Soltex can liaise with your insurance company to ensure a quick and smooth process in repairing your system, no matter the damage.


Soltex provide detailed reports to insurance companies too.


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If you’re ready to upgrade your old system, Soltex can help with anything from conversion from manual to motorised or adding new features such as wind sensors, remote control, rain sensors, sun sensors and more.


Soltex can provide full automation upgrade too, along with expert advice.


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With their expert industry knowledge, Soltex have the ability to provide repairs on a wide variety of products.


Repairs too, can be a great opportunity to make a change, which is why Soltex can also change the colour/style of fabric, or even add company signage to the new fabric.


Even if they haven’t worked with a particular product, Soltex will inspect other products outside of their range to establish whether they can help.


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Service and Maintenance


If you want low maintenance, then you’ll love Soltex systems because they are all low maintenance too.


As with all moving parts though, regular maintenance not only ensures ongoing optimum performance, it will also guarantee that your shade and weather system will serve you well for many years to come.


Speak to one of their experts about ongoing maintenance and service packages.






Soltex know that you probably don’t want to spend your precious time-off cleaning awnings and blinds.


This is precisely why they offer a cleaning service too.


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