This project involved the installation of 3 x internal blockout blinds to St. Brigid’s Primary School in Perth. The schools newly built multipurpose school hall had one unanticipated issue: the large amount of glare through the enormous motorised glass-hinged doors impacted the usability of the hall. Soltex was tasked with finding a full blockout solution for a 4500mm wide opening, but it could inhibit the opening of the large hinged doors. After working with the Fabric suppliers Soltex decided on the Shaw Vibe range as the fabric was 100% polyester with an acrylic coating, which met the requirements of Blockout the light while it was also able to be welded with our high-frequency welder to create pockets for the weighted bottom bar to be fastened. The unique slim-lined bottom bar was required due to the location of the hinged arms for the motorised door. A customised 95mm headbox with a 78mm steel tube was required to support the weight of the blind between the pillars. The tube was used to minimise the deflection in the fabric. The result was three block-out motorised blinds, with full coverage and no gaps. It was a great collaboration of ideas and experience to achieve a truly customised solution. We are thrilled the students at St. Bridges Primary School will have countless presentations and movie days for many years to come.



St Brigid’s Primary School, Perth WA



Issey Blockout Blinds



3 x 4.5m x 3.5m



Shaw Vibe 100% Blockout


Frame Colour

Blue Ridge


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