Are you looking for a hospitality solution?

As well as catering to the Perth domestic market Soltex are specialists in providing solutions to large and small-scale hospitality and commercial projects.

Soltex Specialises in external and internal solutions for: Coffee Shop, Restaurants, bars, pubs, office buildings, warehouses, parks, sporting venues, pools and public open spaces.

Retractable roof for bars, restaurants and pubs

• Increased use for patrons all year round.
• Protection from sun, rain and wind for customers.
• Full automation with no reliance on staff to extend and retract.

Retractable shade sail

• Shade protection at sporting venues, pools, open public spacers for spectators and users alike.
• Retracted when not required for zero damage or inconvenience.
• Minimalistic look when extended and retracted.

External shade blinds in office space

• Reduce harmful UV rays to employees and office equipment.
• Offer privacy during the day and night.
• Reduce glare.
• Will save on air conditioning in the summer.
• Full automation with no reliance on employees to extend and retract.

Internal blinds in office buildings

• Can be manual or automated, providing control for each window.
• A huge selection of fabrics and styles.
• Light filtering or blackout fabrics or combination of both so that employees have more flexibility.
• Privacy both day and night.

Soltex offer a comprehensive step by step process for commercial and hospitality projects.

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