KUBATA - Folding Arm Awning

The all-new Kubata Folding Arm Awning by Weinor features a clean cubic design blending it the perfectly into modern house architecture as a sophisticated design element.
When open, the awning fabric impresses due to its high-quality and textile character. When closed, the awning cassette creates clear lines on the building with its almost square shape design.

Kubata's uniform shape is not without reason. It stems from an overall aesthetic concept dominated by smooth, screwless surfaces. The Kubata Folding Arm Awning boasts a state-of-the-art drainage system which reliably protects the fabric from getting wet when the cassette is closed. Two gutters collect the rainwater and channel it sideways ensuring that no water can enter the cassette. Other features include a wind lock safety device to keep the awning sheltered in windy conditions, optional LED spotlights and removable cover caps for easy access to cabling and maintenance. The Kubata truly is in a class of its own.
Awning Style: Full-Cassette Awning, Full Protection of the fabric and mechanism from the elements

Max. Width x Extension:
7m x 4m

Operation Options: Hand-Held Remote, Smart Phone App, CBUS

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Warranty: Five year product + 10 year Arm


• 10 Year Warranty on the Folding Arms
• Clean cubic cassette awning with modern linear design
• Adjustable Angle between 5 and 40 degrees
• International Design Award
• Installed almost flush to the wall
• Wind lock safety device keeping the awning in place
• Rated up to 5 on the beaufort wind scale
• Powder coated in scratch resistant premium powdercoat
• Drop-forged arm parts providing the best protection
• Optional LED spot lighting – 30,000 hours of lighting
• 155 Fabric Patters and 200 Standard Frame Colours
• Outstanding quality and UV-tested for safety
• Tested to over 100 000 cycles which is 20 years of life expectancy

Product Brochure
Fabric Brochure
Powder Coat
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