Retractable Awnings Perth

Select from an extensive range of Waterproof Retractable Awning Perth, folding arm awnings, conservatory and patio awnings or skylight awnings. Hundreds of customisable options to suit a variety of applications.

Folding Arm Awnings

A Folding Arm Awning is a fantastic option for providing on demand protection from heat, glare & harmful UV rays with the touch of a button. They are by far the most popular and convenient way to shade outdoor areas without the need for posts or any supporting framework providing the area totally free of any unsightly framework and obstructions.

Conservatory Outdoor Awnings and Patio Awnings

Our range of conservatory Outdoor Awnings and patio awnings are the perfect solution for glass conservatories, pergolas, custom & pre-existing structures and free-standing frames. Whilst having a glass conservatory, skylight or open pergola is a fantastic way to invite natural light into the home or outdoor area, harmful UV rays and heat penetrate through causing irreversible damage to furniture, flooring and valuable items. Our range of Conservatory and Patio Awnings allow you to have the best of both worlds by simply pressing a button on your hand-held remote control.

Pivot Arm Awnings

Pivot Arm awnings and Retractable Awning from Houseare a fantastic compromise between traditional horizontal folding arm awnings and straight drop blinds. The awning has been designed and manufactured in Perth specifically for the WA climate. The pivot arm awning is extremely strong and versatile, making it ideal for areas prone to high winds while simultaneously being able to provide protection from the impact of the sun at various angles throughout the day.

Skylight Awnings

Small skylights offer natural light to shine through creating a warm ambience; however, they can often bring in too much unwanted heat or light. The Microsun is a retractable microclimate control system ideal for small skylights.


Courtyards, Pool Areas, Gardens, Windows, Patios, Beer-gardens, Restaurants, Outdoor Dining, Cafes

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