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8 May 2021
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16 July 2021

Getting the most out of your external shading solutions with Somfy Automated Accessories

You have invested in your outdoor entertainment space now is the time to maximise its use. What better way to get the most out of your outdoor entertaining space, while also protecting your investment, with the use of the Somfy Automated accessories range. Pair your retractable awning, external blinds or retractable roof system with a Sun, Wind or Rain sensor and rest assured your shading solution will always be in the optimum position without you having to worry about it. Use smart remotes or even better the Connexoon App to ensure your retractable shading solutions can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

How does a wind sensor protect my investment ?

Perth isn’t called the windy city for nothing, even on a hot summers day a strong breeze is often felt and can come up suddenly. A Somfy Eolis 3D wind sensor when paired with your folding arm awning will automatically retract the awning and protect the arm and fabric from damage. Have peace of mind that if your awning is left out unintentionally and a strong breeze comes in unexpectedly, the discrete sensor mounted into the front bar will detect the winds effect on the awning and retract it automatically. This could save you thousands on replacing arms and fabric, this is especially important if you leave your awning out the majority of the time. The Somfy Eolis 3D wind sensor can also be fitted to outdoor blinds for Perth’s windy conditions. A hard wired wind sensor can be added to conservatory awnings, retractable and louvred roof systems.

Can a sun sensor help me save on energy costs ?

Retractable shading solutions are a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs in your home folding arm awning or external blinds that extend or retract to keep the sun off your homes windows and doors can dramatically reduce the temperatures in your home. This is especially true with Perth’s hot summers and west facing coastal views. When you pair your outdoor awnings with a Somfy Sunis (Sun) Sensor you can set your outdoor blinds or patio awnings to drop down or extend out when the sun is detected. Not only great in the afternoons but to prevent the morning sun heating up bedrooms in your home and keeping the overall temperature of the home down in summer. External Blinds and awnings have been known to reduce heat transfer by up to 90 percent and protect furniture and flooring from harmful effects of UV light.

What is the benefit of a rain sensor ?

If you have installed a retractable roof system or louvred roof system for your outdoor entertaining space you would be enjoying the benefits of being able to open up your roof to the let the light in and breeze on demand, however this can also leave you open to getting wet from the rain. If you have important furniture or pets that are taking shelter under your operable roof system, then adding a rain sensor can take the worry out of racing home to close your Louvre Roof or Retractable Pergola. The Somfy Ondeis Rain sensor can be hardwired into your motor and when the first hint of rain is detected close your roof and protect your valuables.

Can I set my retractable awning to open and close at the same time everyday?

By using a Somfy Telis 6 Chronis remote control you can program your external blinds, folding arm awnings, retractable or louvred roof systems to open and close at pre-set times. In fact with a Telis 6 you can set up to 6 scenarios including having multiple products function at the same time. This can be a great solution for a busy office or hospitality environment, so staff don’t have to worry about remembering to retract the blinds or folding arm awnings at the end of the working day.

Can I control my retractable solutions from an App ?

Yes any product with a Somfy RTS Motor can be controlled via the Somfy Connexoon app all it requires is a small gateway device to be plugged into your modem or router and you can control all your products in a user friendly app. Not only can you control you Louvred roof, external blinds or folding arm awnings from the comfort of your couch you can also control them from anywhere you can access the internet around the world.   All your Somfy powered shade and all-weather retractable solutions can also be controlled via voice assistants like Google & Alexa.

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Sit back and relax

Automate your outdoor awning with any of the smart Somfy accessories and sit back and relax. The sensors take the worry out of controlling your Shade or all-weather solution and save you money by not only protecting your retractable products but also your property and loved ones inside and outside your home. Check out some of the Somfy products here “link to Somfy Automation page”



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